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Here you go
I`ll see what more I can do to this build this winter. Winter + Cold = No working on car. Looking to do a clear window mod, and some cable management with 3D printed guides.
thanks girl! It has been fault free since I built it. I still didnt take pictures of the finished PC though. Will do that soon!
Second pump mount printed. Fits good Been a while since I have worked on the computers. Been printing stuff for my car Will take up the work shortly.
Thanks! I like the glow of the paracord the most! It looks like the power is living inside the case. Next up is printing a cover for the SLI bridge. And a second mount for the pump setup.
And this is how it looks now! Progress has stalled a bit. Got a new car and money goes that way..
Mine has the same problem. I just bend it back until its straight again
Im using a flat mousepad covered in carbon vinyl from deal extreme. Snipers pee their pants when I log on!
Welcome! It is really a great mouse! I`ve had the RAT7 for a year now at least and I am impressed by the quality. The software is great for tweaking the sniper button and such..
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