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You can get the CM Storm XT in MX Greens on Amazon for 129 right now. That's about what I payed for mine when I got it late last year.
I got the ultralap 440. I'm liking the fact it is light weight and functional. I'm dual booting between Ubuntu and Fedora 20. The multi touch touch pad is a nice feature.If I were to walk away from gaming this could easily be my primary box. Since I've gotten it I've used my desktops a lot less lately. I looked at system76 and I was focused on keeping the laptop lite and the price low so the wife wouldn't have too many issues with the idea.
It is kmenu. The icon was changed over to the Fedora logo. I'm liking KDE a lot so far. Now if I could get transparency in konsole I'd be happy.
I got a Zareason laptop a few weeks ago and here's the current look. I'm still tweaking things and looking to setup different groups of wall papers to have a different slide show on each work space. I'm loving the laptop so far I'm wishing I'd done it sooner. Here's what I have currently -edited for clarity
I got my XT back in November for work. I missed the number pad too much so I used it to replace my QFR going from TKL to full size. As Jixr pointed out the key caps aren't all that fancy and I didn't realize the difference till I got some custom key caps on the board. The originals are very functional and I love the board. If I ever need to get a 3rd full sized board and I don't make it from parts I'd get another XT most likely.
I finally got my Penumbra/Solarized set in. I'm totally digging the caps. The feel, sounds, and response are totally different from the original caps. I'm in love all over again with the XT. -Edit Corrected image rotation.
Nice welcome to the neighborhood. I'm curious to when the ducky 60% is getting released.
Nothing too crazy fancy but tinkering a bit and thought I'd share what I have presently. Multimonitor gets pretty interesting. Larger version is here Added a link to the larger version
That's a hell of an opportunity for some lucky person.
For the basic requirements I'd say WASD offers what you're asking for. The standard model is not backlit and can be ordered with the O-Rings installed. They don't offer double-shot keys but I believe they have contrasting legends. I'm not sure if they'd be able to meet your volume order or not but you can check their site here. It's a starting point if nothing else. Para or some of the others might have more suggestions. I hope it helps.
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