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I'll have to remember that when I get around to building an Ergodox that isn't the Mass Drop Kit. My MD kit has blues and I'm thinking swapping to the 65gm springs before I build it since I couldn't decide between blues or greens for switches.
The standard bottom row is all modifiers are 1.25 and the space bar is 6.25. The TK has a 1.5 ctrl, 1. meta and fn key, a 1.25 alt, and a 6.5 spacebar. So it might be a challenge finding keys that fit that profile.
@Totally Dubbed I agree with Jixr and recommend the XT or the Ducky. I own a Shine2 in blues for home and the XT in greens is my at work keyboard. As pointed out the TK uses a non standard size for key caps and if you decide to replace them later it will be harder to find things that fit properly. I've also owned a CM Storm QFR which is a ten keyless board of which the XT is the full size version of. The only reason I'm not actively using the QFR is I miss the 10...
I would be try to find a Shine with the switch LED choices you want and look for pink key caps. I think either feng or qtan has pink key caps from Ducky for the Shine in their Ebay store. I think that would be the easier path to getting what you want. The other option is to wait and see if Ducky does pink and white Shine3's.I think it's awesome that you're trying to find a nice keyboard for the wifey.
I'm loving the skeletonized case JD.
If I remember right the QFR is a bit cheaper than the stealth. If you're not keeping the factory caps wouldn't want to pay extra for the side print caps. The only keys that are LED lit are they ones that have a status eg. Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and the win key lock. If that's a concern then you I think the Ducky Zero series has a TKL non backlit version.
I've enjoyed my Ducky Shine II, CM QFR, and XT. The reason I switched from the QFR to the XT is I missed having the number pad too much at work and also wanted to try Geens vs Blues. Both the CMs and the Ducky have done me well over the last year or 2 and I wouldn't hesitate to buy either brand again.
WASD's own build.
I'm starting to get jazzed about all the items that will soon be on their way. Penumbra key cap set for my CM XT along with the alt alphas and Erogdox add on, Mass Drop's Ergodox kit with blue switches and a full hand case, and a bunch of 65gm springs that I'm tempted to try on the dox.
Man that's such a clean build. Congrats Jixr!
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