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The investigation is actually regarding whether or not Google has complied with French tax law.This is not an instance of them using a legal loophole.
They arent going after only one company.
So genuine question, are you guys completely against taxation or just taxation of tech companies?
Well, this is kind of a "pay your taxes" thing which as far as I was aware is an issue that American politicians have also been quite vocal on.It's fairly common, the company I work for does third party loan servicing and when investors buy packages of mortgages they'll set up the structure of them so they have the servicer, the owner of the mortgages and the "beneficiary".The beneficiary is invariably based in Luxembourg, and on paper all profit earned from the portfolio...
If their aim was sales, then it really wasn't a mistake. They made more money cutting that content and releasing alongside the film than they would have made delaying the release.I dislike EA and think they've ruined a fair few franchises and brought very little of merit to the games industry, but they know what they are doing when it comes to making money.
They don't really have a choice, if they could compete with the 1080 they would.Volume does not equal profit, and the margins on these cards won't be that great. Meanwhile NV will be gauging everybody in the high end market, probably earning many times the amount per unit that AMD will be.I agree that AMD are making the best business decision they can, but they aren't intentionally focusing on shifting a high volume of mid-range cards as you seem to be insinuating. That...
Isn't the full die on Pascal supposed to be using HBM2?So this generation at least the wait is somewhat justified, although I suspect they'd have followed the same strategy regardless.
Well to be fair with GPUs it's pretty clear cut, given a specific price range see which card does best in benchmarks and you have your winner.If AMD's release is cheaper than the 1070, which I assume it will be, it won't really have any competition in that market segment.How much cheaper, and how close it is in terms of power, will probably be the only thing to look for.
I think it would probably take some form of regulation to actually generate real competition in the GPU market (same goes for CPUs). Something that isn't likely to happen.At the moment NV / Intel own the high performance market, and given the prohibitive costs involved in entry to the market no one is going to challenge them.The choices boil down to either buying NV / Intel or buying slightly less powerful hardware to support AMD. Can't really blame people for buying NV /... because some idiot on twitch hasn't disabled automatic updates doesn't mean you can't.That said mine automatically download (although don't install) and I've never noticed them cause any lag.
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