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I'm guessing the idea behind being able to render it in realtime is VR cinema projects, at least to me this seems like the ideal target demographic for this sort of thing.
This isn't the 60s, e-cigs may not be good for you but they are unquestionably less harmful than cigarettes.You can guarantee tobacco companies have poured money into proving otherwise, that they have failed to do so speaks volumes.Not to mention the amount of money they have put into lobbying for regulations limiting their sale, in the EU at least.
Is anyone claiming anything to the contrary?
Meh, it would be easier just to jam some data repositories in orbit, on the moon or buried deep underground.Plus, if computer games have taught me anything, you need ancient repositories filled with arcane wisdom hidden in remote areas in order to help future generations progress the plot survive.
Yeah I never got that whole locked voltages thing, allowing voltage adjustments in software makes it hard to identify when the card is RMA'd. And if that happens on a large scale card prices go up for everyone.I'd rather have to flash my bios, if it means I'm not paying extra to replace some idiot's card that didn't know what they were doing.
I have no doubt that FB are collecting as much usage data as humanly possible, after all that is kind of what they do, but I'm not so sure they'd risk the backfire of collecting anything too naughty.All it would take is one subject access request in Europe from an Oculus user (which will happen, they get them all the time) and the backfire would cost them considerably.I think this is more likely just lazy lawyers writing an overly broad privacy policy, rather than them...
I don't think Windows Stire will do that well given MS's history with this kind of thing, but I do agree that Steam really push the crappy indie games.Guess they have higher margins or something.
Yeah I'm calling BS on that, maybe if it's syncing cloud data for saved games or something but 7mb/s isn't data mining.Usable analytics are going to be using minute amounts of data.But hey, let's watch people go crazy about it with no attempts at verification as per normal.
Maybe they mean Windows 10 as in released on PC with DX12?Bit of a long shot, I know, but it would appear to be just as silly to use UWP over it's competitors as it would be not to support DX11.
Yeah I've just started doing the challenges and I found that annoying, sure the fights are tough but they're quite monotonous and mostly just involve grinding away on health bars.
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