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To be honest at this stage Intel are mostly competing against themselves, if they could drop to 10nm they would. Purely so that people upgrade from their old Intel chips.Not to mention the fact that in the mobile sector being able to produce 10nm chips would give them a serious advantage, and we'd probably be seeing Intel chips in phones and the like.
Do Intel cover it up?Last I heard they were abandoning tick tock for precisely that reason...
In this particular situation the stock probably went up, it's akin to rumours of a buyout.*Not that stock price really reflects what is good/bad for a company over the short term.
Tbf this sounds a lot like the approach they took with Elite Dangerous, and a lot of people (myself included) were disappointed with that game. Nice graphics, flight system and controls but the content and feature set is circa 1990.I'd prefer a game designed from the ground up around modern gameplay concepts.As for the "is this news" argument, it happened. It's vaguely interesting, so I'd argue it is. Not particularly exciting news, but news nonetheless.
True, maybe I worded it badly, I don't doubt people would be interested in buying AMD but I don't think anyone would want to do so with the intent of competing against Intel.
Yeah their patent portfolio is immense, but I can't see anyone wanting to go up against Intel (especially in the desktop/server market), which realistically is what we'd want from an acquisition of AMD in order to avoid a monopoly.
Actually either the EU or the US probably could break up Intel, as it's assets are spread across both areas and it operates within both of them equally (as well as outside of the US/EU zone).Not that I think it would happen, but if we ever did end up with an uncompetitive Monopoly it would certainly be on the cards. Personally I suspect AMD will just be bought out eventually: and I'm not sure a purchase by Samsung (or another foreign investor) would be blocked. Korea is...
To be fair AMD always have some kind of game changer just around the corner, the one thing they truly excel at is generating hype.
I don't mind them working on meaningful dlc running up to the release: day one dlc is what always annoys me. That and cosmetic dlc in full priced retail games, or small splatters of half-hearted dlc slowly drip-fed out in the weeks/months following release.
The amount of RAM you have is largely irrelevant these days, I don't think that's even a passing concern for anyone worried about the consoles' longevity.
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