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So... How about an accompanying apology for lying to their customers regarding processing done in the cloud? Can't wait until some comparisons of CPU usage come out.
I've seen product placement in games before, but not outright ads. Unless you count depictions of IRL ads in-game, which isn't too bad IMHO.I'm yet to know of a paid-for "AAA" game that has stuck ads in the loading screen after release though. Pretty cheap shot by EA, if they arent there anymore I guess they backtracked.
+1The "you don't complain about ads in x" argument is pretty weak, people have been complaining about cheap and classless product placements in films and television for years. Even then it's still not something they do post-release.You don't make a film, wait for reviews, then edit the film to promote a specific product.
Ignoring the fact that TF2 is currently free, whereas BF4 is still a (relatively) expensive product that hasn't been out very long, aren't TF2s ads controlled by server hosts? And can't you get rid of them by disabling HTML MOTDs?I might be incorrect, but either way it's an odd comparison to make given that one is free and the other costs ~£40 and more than double that at time of release for premium.Personally I'm just going to reiterate my earlier point; we need to begin...
Welcome to the wonderful world of large numbers, every single person you've ever seen raging against EA on forum threads could genuinely not buy another EA game... and it wouldn't have a significant impact on sales.People you see in internet rage threads generally don't make up a decent sample for EA's target demographic, and even if they did declared preference != revealed preference.It wouldn't surprise me if plenty of people who rage against EA still buy a few EA...
Unhappy with prices: Happy to continue buying the gamesGenius.As for them simply finding a new way to make more money off the game, this was introduced post-sale meaning that by necessity it is an introduction made purely for profit and in no way shape or form benefits users.In terms of companies like EA game pricing is no longer in any way tied to production costs, them making extra money via ads won't reduce game prices any more than the money saved by digital...
I wonder if it does actually always work? Must be hard to track the effect of an advertising campaign on something like a film, which has a unique release cycle.It's not like you can A/B test it with and without ads or idenitify the genuine reason for failure or success with any even remotely scientific degree of certainty.Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the effect is positive, but it's an interesting thought.
The problem would be with introducing this post-sale, on a game some users paid ~£100 for with premium and has already been plagued with issues regarding release quality.There are no end-user benefits, they are simply milking their user base for even more money.EA seriously need to get their act together, they are massively out of touch with their target demographics.
Hmm, I dunno, I have a feeling a few non-techies may end up buying a steam box.I've also known people to get themselves in all sorts of trouble trying to install ubuntu and whatnot Should be interesting seeing if the steambox does end up being user friendly enough for general users. Or if there are any (real) performance benefits for that matter.
With most users there is no such thing as "that easy" I honestly have to help some staff at work when my macros pop up with messages like "make sure you have an account open". The inevitable result? "Oh, so I need an account open?!".I would hate to see them given a task that required a command line, copy and paste instructions or not
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