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I have zero performance issues, and havent come across any bugs, but it doesnt mean they arent there.Chances are we just have relatively common setups, and play the game in a way that the testers and developers somewhat expected.
To be fair I'm yet to experience any bugs in FO4, ~9 hours in so far.It's a Bethesda game, so I assume the bugs are there. Be damned if I can find them though.
This is AMD, I think you mean key new field for them to make losses in.
Probably from years of tolerating people who really do believe things like that
That's actually pretty cool I always assumed it meant part of the moon was never exposed to direct sunlight due to it's orbit.
Well that thing has jet engines and no maneuvering thrusters, so i'll take a pass on trying to fly to the moon in it
That's probably why this is planned for the dark side of the moon, the entire moon is between you and the sun.Interesting to know what they plan on using as a power source without solar though.
I think you'll find you speak English old chap
The refund system is due to regulatory changes in the EU requiring companies to offer refunds for digital product sales.It's why Apple, Google, Steam, EA and essentially every international company has suddenly started providing them over the last 1-2 years.Although Steam really did drag it out, and initially they tried just adding a forced opt out to their terms of sale (which was really dumb, because you can't opt out of statutory rights).
Meh:Refund policy for Google Play MusicYou can return or cancel a music order within 7 days of purchase (14 days for users in the European Union) if you haven't downloaded or streamed the content.Now that Steam have chosen to comply they will offer a refund for any game so long as you have played it less than two hours, and your request is within 14 days of purchase. Again, they really aren't going above and beyond by doing that it's just the most realistic way of...
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