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Link I posted shows current at stock at 6.96A, 8.29A after overclocking. Spec is 5.5A. bear in mind that no motherboard manufacturer is going to be over-engineering the PCI-E slot, it's not something you expect to go outside spec on. Chances are consistent +25%, which you'd expect in a long gaming session, will degrade the board.Not that it's a massive issue,...
*25-50% overdraw.Read the table at the bottom, 50.07% with slight OC and a little over 25% over spec at stock. Where did that 5% figure come from?
MSI's site states the Vortex has either SLI 960s or 980s, and doesn't the 960 have a six pin connector?
Yeah, PCPer retested it in response to those exact results. Guessing you didn't read the link?And that's what I mean by toxic, you are the living embodiment of confirmation bias. Illogically arguing a point and ignoring all evidence to the contrary.And besides, an NV AIB damaging people's hardware isn't even relevant. Sure, if true I'd hope that word spread so that any whose system failed could start chasing Asus for compensation but it has no bearing on the fact that the...
Not that I care too much, I have no intention of buying a mid-range card, but the 960 strix isn't that bad: 480 is probably going to damage some people's hardware unless they release a fix, it consistently draws 25-50% over spec depending on whether it is overclocked or stock.This shouldn't be an NV vs AMD thing, it has nothing to do with NV and chances are...
Evolve was awful, which is why it died on every platform.Lol, dota, overwatch and their ilk tend to have considerable replay valuable and constant updates and tweaking which massively extends their lifespan.
I'm pretty sure people aren't currently buying GPUs for headsets they will purchase in 4-5 years time when the price has dropped a little.
Am I the only person that read this as him commenting on the current issues with VR and how it will progress over the next few decades? He doesn't seem to be downplaying VR at all.Something can have faults and still be awesome, and from the fact that he believes it's even worth companies working on it for 20+ years it's fairly evident he agrees with that sentiment.
The main problem is that the user base is currently too small, it wouldnt make sense to create a AAA game dedicated to VR.The most we can hope for for now is probably AAA games that suppport VR and traditional screens, and the dedicated VR games with a lower production value.Maybe that will change when future generation consoles begin supporting VR.
No one is realistically going to read any ToS past a few paragraphs in length irrespective of content, filler is somewhat redundant.More likely that they have that in the ToS for their OS and use the same one for iTunes.
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