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Yes but how many OEMs would ship current gen CPUs with Windows 7? I'm going to guess zero.That means the target demographic impacted by this is specifically end users upgrading existing systems to Ryzen who don't wish to upgrade to Windows 10.That is a tiny demographic, and the projected cost in terms of lost sales is likely less than the cost of providing backwards compatibility for the OS.
Surely you're going to have the product that controls like 80-90% of the market, and sells for considerably more, in a prominent position?Not everything is a conspiracy. If AMD sales pick up again I'm sure they'll get some banners and whatnot.
I think they idea is that they're hoping it will be stable once the pressure is decreased.
I was going to say I've never seen this.Can't say I have any real issues with it, I got Windows 10 for free and if the price to pay for that is 5 minutes during initial setup in group policy/settings disabling this and telemetry then it seems like a reasonable cost.
Iceland has a free trade agreement with the EU. is bound by that agreement to ratify into law all EU directives relating to free movement of goods, services and citizens within the EU.For starters, they aren't sanctions. They are trade deals, or the lack thereof.Secondly, the EU does not need the UK. EU good exports to the UK made up 2.6% of EU GDP in 2014, so even if they stopped...
I think at least some of this is due to day one patches, games these days tend to be in development right up to (and beyond) release day.It makes sense for the devs to want reviews to be of the release version of the game.I'm not saying any of this is a good thing, but it's the reality. And realistically it's always been a good idea not to buy on day one even before they started doing this.
I'm just going out on a limb, but doesn't this sound like it uses deep packet inspection? I was under the impression that there were rules concerning ISPs using this to monitor their customer's traffic, not to mention the fact that it could probably be easily circumvented with even rudimentary encryption.
I very much doubt those prices reflect actual server costs, this is approaching the cost of renting an entry level dedicated server.
Yeah I have Razer mouse and an Orbweaver and they're alright, a little expensive but the product itself is fine and of decent quality.
Or conversely that NV are better at optimising their DX11 drivers than developers are at optimising their DX12 games.I'd say it's fair to say that historically NV have maintained their lead in large part due to their drivers, but with DX12 that advantage is completely nullified.
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