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Agreed, I switched from the JVC Harx700 to the 780s and they are definitely less comfortable for me. Only reason I wanted them was for the microphone, but I much prefer the sound of the Harx700s
Hey guys, I'm looking for a minimalist keyboard since I don't need any arrow keys or numpad and I was looking at the Vortex Poker with black switches. I will be using this keyboard primarily for gaming so is there anything about it that might not be good for gaming? I was also looking at the CM QuickFire Rapid with black switches but I'm not a fan of the colors/numpad. What is the difference between the two if any? Build quality wise? Is there any other keyboard...
Anyone know about any BF or CM deals?
Hey, Does anyone know if the BenQ 2420t will be on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? I'm looking to pick one up but 400$ is a bit steep. I would like the Samsung 700d since it's rather cheap right now and has everything I need but VESA mounts, which is a dealbreaker for me. Anyone know of a similar specced monitor? Thanks
I have a q6600 G0(I did try to lap it, not sure if I did a good job but my temps dropped a tiny bit). I also have 8gb of corsair RAM(I believe it is ok, not sure though) and a faulty 780i XFX mobo(which is why I think the ram is ok, but can't test since no good mobo). I could get the computer to boot on stock bios settings but overclocking caused it to bsod. Let me know if you want any of these. I have a stock cooler for an i5 3570k brand new in a box if that would work...
In, always wanted to give this game a try!
Sorry guys I meant 1.18 and 1.19. Forgot to proofread :S I'll try reseating my heatsink thanks. I followed that guide to over clocking my i5 3570k. I have it at 4.2 and ran the prime95 test included in that guide and my max core temps hit 76-76-75-76 with a max vcore of 1.18/1.19. Are these temperatures a little much? I'm using a Hyper 212+ with AS5 and I feel that the temperatures are a little high. Should I try reseating? Thanks
Thanks for the help!
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