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oh looking really nice man! :thunbs:
p.m sent
oh looking nice, when do you estimate to be done with this build? it looks really clean man.
nice! glad to see it's still being improved, on i have also been working on my rig but looks nothing like yours xD
Got this desk for free, here is my fullsetup. Still working on it
i retired my texas white out mod and got this 800D and digging it alot. What you guys think?
i always liked that alienware case and have always been curious if it was designed for their own mobo's or will it fit regular high end mobo's? if only the case wasn't so expensiive. nice setup for sure! welcome mate
Whoo! Makes 2 FX chips in the 4.0 club haha, I think this 8 core is my favorite toy. Going to try for 5 stable I like to be stable
Maybe its not the vrms but the socket? Idk if its possible but weird things happen everyday
I got some of these Just hope my controller can push them at this speed will experiment 1 as exhaust and have a negative pressure then put one in front to see what I get better temps at. I doubt I will accomplish anything but can only try lol love experimenting with odds
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