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I bought this case in December and it's already trashed I really liked it, especially with the great durability of my Switch 810 I thought this would be a great buy.
Buying my PS4 the same day the show comes out...and..after exams are over. So excite!
This. eBay is ridiculously buyer friendly. Sellers usually get burned all the time, but its great to be a buyer on the bay. I'd do your homework, read the text and if everything checks out you're probably good to go.
This is a really simple one I did. Found the instructions online. Just made a google cloud print server. It's really handy, and I don't have to worry about whether or not I left my HTPC or desktop on.
Sorry to be one of those newbies, but I just pre-ordered MLB the show for PS4...which means I kind of pre-ordered my PS4 since I don't have one yet. I've got Amazon prime so I think I'm going to order PS4 on May 3 so they'll hopefully arrive same day. Super excited!
Just started mining again today for S&Gs since cleverminer has basically destroyed altcoinz. Already the #2 behind you, Roulette
Please tell us what to mine, oh holy one!
If you're going to buy games I would probably suggest picking up one or two of the suggestions made, and then going crazy when the steam sale comes around. I think it's in August
Ugh. Ordered this Saturday night on Amazon. Didn't know how hot the case was. Had to cancel my order yesterday once I noticed the estimated shipping date wasn't until April. Then Newegg wants $20 more AND $14 for shipping. ***? I want this damn case! lol. Lots of good looking builds in here.
Stupid question, but you're using 64 bit windows, correct?
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