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My dad owns a toshiba p205-s8811, lately it had an issue with the keyboard not working the only keys I had noticed werent working was the 4 key and the right shift. We had another laptop of the same model we had bought as one for parts when I put that keyboard in most of the keys didn't work, however more keys worked on the other keyboard. So I ordered a new one and installed it, I cant get the 4, 6, tab, right shift, 2 key on the numberpad, plus key on the numberpad....
Or this
I totally realize that, but my whole point was if that the q701 were at least good(not great) for the kind of music I like then that would have been like a 2 for 1. However right now I am really looking for headphone strictly for music.
What do you mean by poor recordings? Also I do listen some classic metal, Metallica, tool(if you would consider them metal). I also like such bands as the cars, ac/dc, tom petty, etc.
Yes I already have the O2 + ODAC, I bought them ahead of time, as in this week. the only reason I mentioned the HD800 is because I'm not willing to spend $1500.
Hey everyone, I'm looking into getting into some hi fi headphones. I mostly listen to rock, heavy metal, post hardcore, speed core, etc. I'm not to concerned on cost although I don't see myself buying Sennheiser HD800. In the meantime I have already picked up an O2 + ODAC. I know that grados seem to be the king of rock music (or at least what I have read online). One headset in particular that I have looked at and went back to is the q 701 only because I know that it...
I've never heard either, so I can't really give my opinion but in all honesty go with what you find better, everybody hears different so everyone will have different opinions. You will make yourself nuts as you stated above in your last post (I know what it's like). But whatever you find better is what you want to go with in the end.
Are you trying to say you want to sound like it did when it was made in the studio (the way the artist intended wanted it to sound). In all honesty I'll doubt you'll get that out of onboard audio, and computer speakers
Thanks for the reply I actually found that they do encrypt which is unfortunate, the only way around it is questionable in its legality which is why I will no longer discuss it. Can anyone tell me what the best capture card is for recording TV Thanks again
Hey everyone I'm looking to build an htpc for capturing tv shows off of my dvr which is made by directv however I'm trying to figure out a capture card that will allow me to do this? I've looked at this capture card seeing as how it records in 1080p, I'm just not sure if directv encrypts the hdmi connection. Or how I would be able to view the pc when it is recording thanks
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