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These are my impression as I tested them side by side...Initial movement: (low friction) GTFS > Goliathus Speed > Hien > Goliathus ControlGlide: (fast) GTFS > Goliathus Speed ~ Hien > Goliathus ControlControl: (easy) Hien ~ Goliathus Control > Goliathus Speed > GTFSSmoothness in moving: (smooth) Goliathus Speed> Hien > GTFS > Goliathus Control (feedback to your hand as you move the mouse)These comparisons are by no mean universal or scientific, YMMV E.g. I have seen many...
This sounds pretty non-standard. I use claw grip but my index finger is on LMB and middle finger is on RMB...
It has no side button though
Roccat Savu is my usual suggestion... Considerably smaller than DA and is great for claw/finger grip, matte side (a bit sand-paperish, but will wear down), and a good sensor.
Better send an RMA ticket to Razer to talk about your situation and see if they will RMA for you.
Don't quite understand what you mean... You mean even though they claim they can reach 6500CPI with a certain max IPS, they will come across these problems and fail to achieve the goals in the end?
Just some information I gathered from the internet...In terms of width, Spawn > Savu > Kone Pure > KanaIn terms of length, Kana > Savu = Kone Pure > SpawnIn terms of height, Kone Pure is just 1 mm taller than Kana, and Savu is 2mm taller than Kana (Kana is 2mm taller than Spawn)I think their sizes fit in your group quite well
Take a look at Roccat Savu. Size seems close to your requirement and shape is very good for finger/claw IMO. Test it before dismissing it Excellent sensor with good performance at 1600DPI (exhibits some predictions on Hayate though). Buttons are a joy to press and actuate confidently, including the side buttons. The mouse feet are of moderate sizes and glide well. Roccat Kone Pure is also worth a look. Size is not too big and, again, test the ergonomics for yourself. It...
Mine is still going strong There's damage to the coatings - side grip becomes smooth, and the place where I rest my index finger has changed colour a bit (worn out?) but no big deal.
That was quite inaccurate description of the acceleration problem of Avago 9500 sensor...At lower speed (IIRC 0 to around 1m/s) the movement is still linear. Only at higher speed that the cursor would move slightly faster than it should, by a random amount of up to 5%.
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