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Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement windowed side panel for my Silverstone FT02? Thanks
Well thanks for replying, I appreciate it.I was originally considering the Pinnacle and Monticle cases, but I recently found a U2-UFO for about $200, and I am considering this now.May I ask what case model you used for your recent build?
Well it sounds like I am going to be doing a little overclocking, as well as saving some money Thanks guys!
I haven't even overclocked my 2500k yet....
Hey guys, I am considering upgrading my 2500k to haswell, and I am not sure if I am just getting the upgrade fever, or if it would really be worth it. I don't do anything much more demanding than gaming, as well as a little bit of coding here and there. So do you guys think that it is worth it, or should I hold off for now?
Well that's good, because I just ordered it!Thanks for the help! It can never hurt to have a little extra headroom.
Hmm, well I probably don't need 1000W then.Thank you
I guess I should have asked the question differently.I plan on adding two more GTX 670s to my rig in the near future.Is it a good deal on the specific power supply? Thanks!
Hey guys, I have a chance to pick up an EVGA Supernova G2 1000W for $100, is it worth it?
Hey guys! I am thinking about picking up a Mountain Mods Pinnacle 18, and I have a couple questions. First off, is there a way to deal with the dust? Do any of you guys have a solution? Also, I am considering a Little Devil PC-V7/PC-V8 as well. Does anyone know how the Mountain Mods compares to these? Thanks!
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