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Hey, I appreciate the advice!That's one hell of a power supply, I didn't even consider lugging that thing around.
Hey guys, so I am looking at getting a laptop, and I am not sure what would be the best. Part of me says to get something portable like a MacBook Air/ 13" MBPr. The other part of me that craves all of the power tells me to get something that is much more powerful yet much bigger. Particularly I found a great deal on a Dell M4800. I am a college student, and I don't use a computer in class, but would be using it around campus, in the library or coffee shops. I am just...
Fair enough! If I sell mine before you sell yours, I'll shoot you an offer!
Interested in a trade for a 2014 Razer Blade 14?
1) What's your grip style? Claw What's your sensitivity? Not entirely sure, coming from a cheap mouse with no mouse pad What's your maximum budget? ~ $60 Do you want additional buttons? A few thumb buttons would be nice, but not required What games do you play? League of Legends Do you mind about prediction? Don't think I want any prediction Other relevant information: I have been considering the Logitech G100s, Zowie FK1, and the Cooler Master Storm Spawn. From my...
Does anyone know if I can buy a replacement windowed side panel for my Silverstone FT02? Thanks
Well thanks for replying, I appreciate it.I was originally considering the Pinnacle and Monticle cases, but I recently found a U2-UFO for about $200, and I am considering this now.May I ask what case model you used for your recent build?
Well it sounds like I am going to be doing a little overclocking, as well as saving some money Thanks guys!
I haven't even overclocked my 2500k yet....
Hey guys, I am considering upgrading my 2500k to haswell, and I am not sure if I am just getting the upgrade fever, or if it would really be worth it. I don't do anything much more demanding than gaming, as well as a little bit of coding here and there. So do you guys think that it is worth it, or should I hold off for now?
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