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Thought I'd let you guys know I ended up getting a MSI 290x Lightning from the For Sale section here.
PM sent, interested!!
Hmm, well I am now being tempted by a R9 290 Tri-X for $220. Mostly because of the temps reported by TweakTown here
Hmm what do you guys think of the MSI Gaming 970?
Alright, thanks guys. I think I'm gonna go for the 970. Now, what model/brand should I get? I got the reference 670, and I very much regret it due to noise and heat.
Hey guys, I played DA: Inquisition for the first time last night, and I was disappointed by the performance of my 670. I haven't played a very graphically demanding game in a while, but now I think I want to upgrade. So I am trying to decide between another 670 or a 970. I run three monitors, but only game at 1080p. My 670 is the version with only 2GB of vRam, is this going to hold me back quite a bit compared to 4GB? Heat wise, how will they compare? Thanks for the...
Hmm, well is there anything I can do about that? Any aftermarket cooling solutions, short of a custom loop?
Hey guys, I recently hooked up a third monitor to my 670. I noticed the idle temp is around 45C, which is pretty high for an idle temp. So I am looking for options that could lower the temp. What are my options? I forgot to add that I did clean out the heatsink and repaste.
Hey guys, I am considering picking up a H220/240L and I am wondering if you guys think the pumps on these things would be powerful enough to replace the 240mm radiator with a 540mm radiator and possibly a GPU to it.
Hey guys, I am thinking about water cooling my Silverstone FT02, and I was hoping I could get some advice on which parts to buy. At first I was looking at one of the XSPC kits, but I want to use the Magicool Triple 180mm Rad, so I begun to construct my own list and it came out to about $500. Now I knew this was not going to be cheap, but I am not sure if I want to spend $500 straight out of the gate. That $500 didn't include a GPU block either, because I am going to...
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