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Well you shouldn't be too worried about having a perfect surface on the first coat. I'd say after 5-6 coats you can start worrying about getting it smooth, that isn't to say that you shouldn't be wet sanding while you go, because in the end the lowest spot the paint is will be how far you need to sand down to. But yeah, that first coat or two is really important, don't cake it on.
I haven't taken any photography classes, I would like to in the near future though. I haven't even really looked up much information online about photography either. I just kinda decided one day to start messing around with all the manual settings on my camera and learned as I went.I don't even have a tripod or anything I like your pictures though, I think I am pretty bad when it comes to anything outside of close up photography, I struggle to take pictures I like when it...
Dry Ice + Water
Decided to get a little artsy today with my pictures
You take that back
There you go, I missed that I need to try alps some time soon. I really want to get my hands on a linear green zenith zkb2
If you mean a custom dyesub pbt keycap, I think so.IMSTO has a listing on his website where you can upload a picture and have it duesubbed on either an OEM or Cherry profile keycap. I don't know if there is any MOQ for it, or if you can get a single keycap with its design made.
SA Profile I'd try to get a used quickfire rapid for that much. I think my qfr sold for $45 on ebay a while back.
Do you have any pictures of what you are talking about?
Nope, I am sure one day a modern doubleshot set could happen. Matias has said something about trying to get a set made but I am really not sure if anything has happened.I know signature plastics and tai hao can make alps keycaps, but MOQ would be a problem.What board are you wanting to put alps keycaps on? I know the custom kingsaver boards usually take the keycaps off of wang keyboards.I am no alps expert though so I could be wrong about some stuff
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