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YesDo you have a keypuller?I still want to give them a shot. Apparently lube makes them bearable, but that is a lot of work to make something ok and not great lol..
Pull harder!Dont sue me if you break itBe sure not to just pull harder on the stabilized keys though. Refer to this to see which ones have stabilizersNot membrane. Just cherry ML
Just let me know and we can work something out. Any unicomps and ibm boards are going to be worth grabbing, especially for 10 bucks. Searching deskhority and geekhack is going to be invaluable for finding out more about some of these boards.One thing of interest is the chicony kb5100. I believe that is just the "series" of boards so they could be anything really.The apple board is alpsAcer model number is yet again a series of boards so it could be anything I guess.The...
I would love an F AT
lol.. my brother doesnt really like any of my keyboards, won't even borrow them if I offer. He has like 5 mechanical keyboards though, and none of mine really interest him.Any idea where you can get slivers of bamboo? I put this together using half inch square pine dowel rods but I really wanted to try bamboo. I have a friend whose father does woodwork as a hobby so I might just work something out there.The extent of my tools were a screwdriver, drill, handsaw, and...
I wouldn't say that, it's up to the people to decide Here it is...Inspired by this drop just ended again but I can't imagine it will be long before another round starts up. Still probably looking at 2 months at least to have them in your hands unless you can buy them off of someone else.
All the grain and the black and white makes it look like a scary movie So is the actual switch sticking or is the keycap getting stuck to the case?
lol.. is that one with cherry or khail switches?Also, htc one. The camera used to be so awesome but now they are all slowly dying. Pictures are either pink or purple if there isn't a ton of light.
Thanks I just finished what might be my favorite keyboard mod I have done so far. I just have to do a couple more things and then I can share it, hopefully I can get pictures up by the end of tomorrow or even tonight.
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