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mhmm but a lot of the members will be outside of the US so shipping would be expensive
Your best bet is either geekhack or r/mechmarket on reddit.Keep in mind you are going to have two holes in the top right of that tex case that are meant for the caps lock and scroll lock leds that you would find on a filco mj2, but the disco does not have, so they will just be empty holes which you might not like.
Yep and plenty of people call DMG badge, doesn't matter to be. It is easy to figure out lol..
Started painting it today. It was a cherry G81-1000 case that was yellowed, stained, cracked and scratched up. I ended up filling in the hole that the LED overlay was, which wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do.The hole was essentially this [[SPOILER]]
When did cherry change the MX black stems to be like this? I cannot remember looking at an mx black stem that looked like this, but this is how my pok3r black switches look.New switches (notice the notch in the back of the switch and the angle instead of step up leading to the stem, if that makes sense)Old switchesTrue, but the odd thing was that they had obviously resoldered some leads manually, but didnt even catch those bad ones in the process.Hmm, im not sure. The...
So I was kinda shocked last night. I went to replace the leds on my pok3r with lower profile 1.8mm ones and in the process I noticed something. The board had pretty terrible soldering from the factory... Here are some examples. That huge ball of solder, multiple keys with far too little solder. Right control Right Alt And FN key
That was the chemistpost here:
looks cool
Out of curiosity, how much do the pins cost when purchased at a major?
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