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Lol, what is with all the comments. Looks like a bunch of people won boards from cherry before and they never shipped them out
I am no expert on old keyboard but that seems like a good price, I guess it entirely depends on the exact sku.They should all have black switches though, so that is nice.
Nah, bunnylake is going to run a more standard JD40 very soon, he said the kit is going to cost somewhere around $40. That is for the case and the PCB. Obviously you need to buy the teensy and I am going to assume all the diodes, as well as switches and keycaps, but it is going to be much cheaper than the titanium or early models. I might grab it and throw it in my closet or something, if I ever feel like building it I can throw it together, I already have blue switches...
It is 1.5, 1.75 is caps lock.Tab vs 1.5 control key (For winkeyless layout)
I can't read Thanks
I flip the spacebar especially for my poker 2 which I use for gaming, that edge doesn't feel great to press on all day imo. @Paradigm84 Is there any way I can have my membership entry deleted so I may resubmit a new one? Quite a bit of the stuff has changed and I would rather just resubmit. I can post pictures of the boards and such for the entry. (Hopefully the kishsaver counts even if it is fully disassembled)
If only they made SSK model f keyboards :/
I am going to hate myself when I eventually have to shell out for 16gb, it was so cheap before and now its like gold
Where are you getting this from? I am really interested since I don't know what GPU to get.
Gahh, I can't wait to get this on PC.
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