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It's a kmac numpad. But yeah, reds are the lightest cherry switch. It might just feel heavier since the force is linear. Reds, blues and browns all share the same spring. I'm sure you will enjoy linear switches for gaming
LifeZone designed 1 keyboard with the numpad on the left but it was just a standard tkl layout on the right side.Numpad on the left makes more sense to keep the mouse from hitting the side of the keyboard all the time. It would probably take some time to get used to though, for right handed people.
:/ it seems like everyone is trying to get their hands on them recently. I have wanted one for over a year now so I couldn't resist.
Well cherry measures their springs differently than the korean springs are measured. Cherry measures at point of actuation, korean springs are measured at full compression so the actual weight of korean springs is lighter in reality.55g korean springs are a bit lighter than reds.Here was a little chart by originative comparing their springs to cherry spec.p.s. Dont buy from originative. You'd save time by throwing your money away, they never ship orders out for the most...
Noko makes great wrist rests, they are always so fun looking Got a numpad today:
They never made a full set of that color afaik. They only did with orange, yellow, red, blue, green, white, black and a few other colors I am probably forgetting.They aren't even making the colored sets anymore.
The thick would probably work as well. EK sells stabilizer lube specifically for stabs though:,misc&pid=mechlubeNo clue if it is good or bad though lol. It shouldn't really matter.
My brother ordered some stuff from him a not too long ago. His shipping is a bit pricey but it is overnight shipping. Pretty amazing.Zeal is great.
For the plate and stickers your best bet is the classifieds on geekhack or something, as those aren't something you can just buy. (You can buy stickers on techkeys, but the color options are really limited since they have all sold out for the most part)As for lube, clear tops and sip sockets. Zealpcs has that covered. Zeals clear tops are from gateron. You can get clear switch tops on as well, but those are made by abostudio. Not sure which is better though,...
Good luck everyone!
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