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Looks nice jixr, super clean setup as well. How are you liking the mousepad? I have had this razer goliathus for quite some time and I might be interested in replacing it.
Just posting a picture
Gon has had a case like that for a while, it is pretty cool because the plate is the case, as you said.
As I said, they are all different. There would be no reason for companies to standardize the key weighting of their cheap, mass produced keyboards.Some rubber domes are heavy, some light. And age really makes a difference on the key feel depending on how nice the keyboard is as well.
They are all different
To be fair we only paid about 140 for these things, that seller is crazy.
Look of disapprovals
I don't see how that would be a thing, since it was running flawlessly for 5-6 months before the problems started.
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