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If only they made SSK model f keyboards :/
I am going to hate myself when I eventually have to shell out for 16gb, it was so cheap before and now its like gold
Where are you getting this from? I am really interested since I don't know what GPU to get.
Gahh, I can't wait to get this on PC.
Industrial, and SSK are both much more rare than standard model ms. And when you combine the two it is even more rare. I mean, people will pay 1.5-2k for a bnib industrial ssk.If you can find one of those, or even just a normal ssk for that much, hit me up. I am interested
I cannot even imagine how much someone would be willing to pay for an industrial M15 though...
Impressive collection, industrials, ssks, m15s, lz-gh, kmac mini, kpad
What? No... Those keyboards are legitimately 1-2k dollars depending on condition. It isn't a scam...
It's like asking if you can do without a medium to high end audio setup, obviously you can do without it, but do you really want to?
Thank you, and yes, it was for may. I still have the original tracking #.
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