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I used to feel the same way about media keys, but I just cannot stress foobar enough for playing music off of. I have a full keyboard shortcut setup for foobar and it is just plain awesome. I don't have to control my system volume though, so that is one thing. So for me, media keys don't matter, but I can see how it does for other people. The QFR has always had media keys though, which is nice, even the QFR-I has them.My big thing with keyboards is keep it simple. The more...
I guess that is a better description, thank you In itself, non standard bottom row doesn't matter. It's just when you go to replace the keycaps that you will have a problem. You are going to have to replace them eventually since they are essentially painted keycaps. The realforce 87u has the same layout on the bottom row but it doesn't matter because you can only buy keycaps specifically made for it, which aren't easy to get your hands on now anyway.Wonder how long it will...
I don't have a problem with corsairs design personally, I like it to be honest. If they didn't have all of the volume and control keys at the top and they had the original corsair logo I don't think they are bad. I looked at a K65 RGB today and I thought it was pretty cool, still not my thing and I would probably get tired of the rgb feature quickly but it's a nice looking board. Standard bottom row would be a nice thing for them to have but still. It's a lot better than...
How exactly does that confirm it is origin exclusive?
do it
Looks great, not enough custom numpads out there.Nice! That lighter pink is a lot better
I have done it three times so far and it's never a quick job. I finished at 7, so that took over 6 hours even if you weren't counting disassembly.
Binge was working on a "spacebear" but I am not sure if that is intended for sale.There are also aluminum and even titanium spacebars out there. (Titanium would be pretty hard to find though)
Nice 1:20am and I just got the switches all apart. Gonna be lubing and spring swapping some vintage blacks right now... It's going to be a long night.
Will keep that in mind next time. Not sure if I posted here, but the bolt modding is done, didn't change a thing about the keyboard so I will continue to say capacitive buckling springs are just godly in comparison to a standard M.
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