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Aluminum boards can sound a bit hollow at times. Putting shelf liner inside the case can help at times but some cases can just sound hollow no matter what. Im not sure why (Since they were both so similar) but the vortex aluminum filco case seemed a lot more hollow than the tex filco case. I wonder if the cutout in the bottom for dip switches on the tex case helps it or something.
It really depends on which boards you have though.
I'm a bit confused at this point though. The kmac case can come with or without blockers built in. Are you looking to get a kmac with winkey support or do you want it to be winkeyless?
Nope. The only full size aluminum case (that I can think of) that isnt a complete custom is the full size vortex aluminum case and those are pretty rare and I don't think they would support that keyboard.
Oh lol didn't know you were talking about the kmac 2.The PCB matters. The winkeyless pcb will have three switch spots on each side of the spacebar for either winkeyless or 1.5, 1, 1.5, 7, 1.5, 1, 1.5 bottom row. The winkey pcb will have the standard three keys to the left of the spacebar and 4 to the right. The plate will also be the different depending on layout.Sauce:My opinion is that if you are buying both the keyboard (filco, ds3, etc) to put in the tex case, you...
I agree. It doesn't really matter the board. When you are just working with the pcb it doesn't make much difference what board it came from(In most cases). Still just as fun.This is exciting:
Well if you need desoldering you might want to talk to thechemist. My desoldering pump is failing + desoldering is a bit more tricky than straight soldering, especially with the cheap desoldering pump I have. If you end up finding one with no leds installed yet I can just do it for free. It's not much work at all.I'm not sure about kbdmod. I think you typically need someone who speaks korean and lives in korea to proxy so that could work out for you.That kmac happy...
Buy it and replace the keycaps with some nice deck keycaps
WoB is just white on black.I guess the YOTH just doesnt have bright enough leds.The one thing with those vortex keycaps is the numbers and some of the other sublegends don't light up. That is the big reason I never bought a set. The symbols above the numbers light up, but the numbers dont which is annoying.
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