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It's kinda funny. I have been reverse smurfing recently. The majors got a friend hyped to start playing csgo more (he only had like 12 hours played before then) and so I convinced him to get into comp. We have been doing our first 10 placement games and we are now playing LEs and LEMs and I am top fragging by a lot every game and being called a hacker and smurf (only have prob 15 hours on that account) and my friend is also flamed because of his low hours and lack of rank....
I had considered it. Just not good enough of a skin to put too much effort into.I really should name it that.
It's pretty nice. I wanted a Man o War more though, but after going through 8 pages of the steam market looking for one with a good float value I just gave up. They are all so torn up.So you play and just get a kill with a different gun per game. So if you get a kill with an M4A4, you cant get a kill with another for the rest of the game. I don't think picking up a different M4 from someone else with a different skin will count. I just did that mission not too long ago but...
My pro awp XD
Yeah lol I watched every game pretty much, got nothing. Neither did my two friends who watched the whole thing. My brother got one though, only worth under 2 bucks though.
Decided I wanted to buy a few stickers and steam glitched up and didn't give them to me. It says "We were unable to get information about the current status of the items in this purchase from the game's item server. Try again later if you'd like to see more information about this purchase." Apparently steam wont refund if you ask for one and a ton of people who get that problem don't seem to get it resolved. I submitted a ticket but who knows where that will go.
I use 900 dpi and 1 in game sens.
that was pretty bad
So what time do the matches start tomorrow morning EST?
Decided to throw dsa dolch on my face w since I am using the classic beige keycaps on another board soon. I like it Model M would probably be your best bet but an old cherry keyboard (g80-1800 or 3000) could work too. Although I am not sure how easy/cheap you could get one.
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