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Unicomp sells a lot of themUnprinted sets: sets:, Green, or Blue printed sets: of the keycaps, random things:
Well, this is a key by martinyeah, the same person who did gasmaskkeycaps. The sale was in early august, I am sure he will run another sale. As for cost, I think it was about 15 dollars, and these were really easy to get. I don't really know if anyone missed out on them as long as they filled out the order form in time.As far as getting brobots, brocaps (The person who makes them) stopped selling them in first come first serve sales, so you don't have to be super lucky and...
Looking good, still liking that digilog case?doʇ ǝɥʇ uo pǝl ǝɥʇ ɥʇᴉʍ pooƃ sʞool ʎluo dɐɔʎǝʞ ǝɥʇ ʇlnɐɟ ʎɯ ʇoN
Filco Majestouch 2 Matte Black Aluminum Case Lubed Vintage Black Switches 68g Gold Springs DSA Dolch Keycaps
The top half of it is aluminum, and the bottom part is plastic afaik. Just imagine if the top piece of the QFR was aluminum, that is how it is.
What board did you order, a board from sprit? I love mine, lots of customization as far as layout and programming are concerned.I think those are stems that are sold on taobao, they are similar to brown or clear switches afaik. They also made orange stems if I remember correctly.
If 9 of the keys are not working, I am going to say it's probably not the switches that are messed up. If that is the case it's really worth nothing, just the value of the switches.Cherry switches don't just die like that.
The acrylic plate is separate, that is what I am using on my face w in the fmj case.Random picture I have of the plate on the keyboardPlease keep in mind that although it is a ~4mm thick plate, it is still acrylic and had quite a bit of flex to it, even when it is mounted to a pcb with switches on it. So imo you need to be a bit gentle with it.
What questions might you have? Maybe I can answer them.
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