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Fill it with click clacks XD
☑ PBT ☑ Cherry Profile ☑ Affordable What more could you ask for?
I wouldn't be surprised if they got to my door before the near identical round 3 dark grey blank pbt cherry profile keycap group buy I got in a while ago. The manufacturer just kinda went silent on that groupbuy.I will be interested to see how the keycaps compare anyway, they might turn out looking the exact same but I don't mind having a couple sets like this.
Joined my first drop on massdrop ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Like this?'m going to grab a blank set myself.
It's possible, I do not know all the specifics but bunnylake has a black hhkb with type s sliders and 55g domes. Crazy board.
Well there is a black HHKB, just not a black HHKB Type-S. I wouldn't think twice about ordering one if I could get a blank black type s.
Be sure to give your opinions on the hhkb, that is one of the two keyboards left that I have any interest in at the moment. I just wish there was a black HHKB type s, makes no sense that they only make a white type s
Well I don't think either of those switches are a real alternative to blues. None of them feel remotely similar to blues. But for tactile switches, I prefer 55g topre over ergo clears (Which seem to be everyones "god" cherry switch)
I wonder why they do that. i remember someone on geekhack had got a bag of 110 or something and only 40 of them clicked well.From first hand experience, how much quieter do you find white switches to blues? It's hard to tell by youtube videos and everything because all mics are different.
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