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That is awesome, seems like such a squeeze though o.oIt was fun back with the SG05 cramming so much in a tiny case but it is such a pain working with them when something needs done. I guess that is why I keep moving up in size. On the plus side, this 250d should be able to handle a fury x on one of the side 120mm fan mounts.
ssssssshhhhwe wont talk about that
Absolutely notitx4lyfe XD
It does because once you run out of the xp it gives you it says something like [your score] x [reduced exp]It seems to only be good for 1-2 levels per week and after that you get almost nothing for xp.
Man... Every case upgrade on my computer has been bigger than the last. Started with the Sugo SG05, went to the Node 304 and now I have a Corsair 250d in the mail. I feel like my Node killed my mobo from lack of air passing over the mobo so I got the 250d since it has a fan sitting right next to the motherboard. Will post pics when my system is all up and running and pretty
Thats what I do as well for SMD parts.I then usually go back to the first side and heat the solder back up and push down to flatten them even more.
I must have bad luck or something. I decided I am going to be super safe and went ahead and ordered a corsair 250d because it has a fan sitting right next to the motherboard. Perhaps heat over time has been killing these ITX boards as they have really poor passive heatsinks imo. My cpu was also overclocked to 4.5ghz the whole time so that has to heat the board up more too. (The node 304 doesnt have good airflow over the motherboard at all because of PSU positioning)I just...
Joining kinda late. My 4690k should be here in the next few days. My z77 motherboard is stuck in a boot loop, its been getting worse over the past couple months with occasional troubles booting in the morning but it's pretty much done for at this point. I'm lucky to get the computer to boot once every 20-30 tries. That was the 2nd z77 motherboard in the life of my 3570k that has done this and seeing as how 1155 is outdated I was forced to move up to the 4690k and an Asus...
My config file is not read only. I guess I will just setup an autoexec file tomorrow.Can I just simply put a single command such as fps_max into the autoexec file or do I need to completely fill out everything? When I look it up some people seem to have a bunch of settings in theirs like rates and crosshair settings. (ATM my custom crosshairs save, my fps max wont though)Thanks
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