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You really think you could handle typing on that?
Isn't that so cool? I feel like the backplates material might be the same as the model f, as far as the construction goes. Have you gotten any that the screws that hold the top and bottom piece together are blue?I found something interesting just now though, I think year is the better indicator. Label design is a great for generalizing but here is what I just found out comparing my two white labels with my brothers silver label.My newer (89) white label is the lightest of...
Well they all have metal backplates, but the older ones are heavier and I guess thicker, don't know how else they would be heavier.7 pounds doesn't sound right though lol It would have to be all aluminum to be that heavy.
I don't know if it always applies, but typically silver labels are the older model m's, which are the heaviest, then the white/grey labels are a bit lighter, then the blue labels are the lightest. I haven't owned a blue label so I can't compare those, but the difference between the silver label and grey label is quite noticeable. (Speaking more of weight and rigidity, I dont think there is a difference in pure typing feel)
Because it's industrial
So yeah, I don't know HOW rare or valuable the APL keys make the board, but they aren't too common afaik. I found an ebay listing for a model f 122 key with apl keys and it sold for $185.
Those are terminal, do you solder? You could convert them with a teensy.Just realized the model f has APL keys. Nice
122 key model f is a beastrussy pls why? ;_;
Are any of the model M's silver label? Those are pretty cool, so sturdy compared to the newer model M's. The metal backplate on them looks cool too.
What board?
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