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Nope, they really should have done something like that or WoB for the first alps groupbuy. Blue isn't exactly something everyone is going to like.Here is your only option: there is no guarantee it will even tip, and I have no clue about compatibility between keyboards, alps isn't like cherry in that respect afaik.
I finally got a super black switch and it was not planned at all. Purchased some black switches off someone, they were buttery smooth and as I thought it couldn't get better there was a super black sitting in there
Did jixrs board not make it in?
So do you have desoldering wick, or a solder sucker?
That sounds good, it was hard getting a matte finish on it without any sandpaper like that because the last coat had to be perfect. That might make it a lot easier, I will look into that when I fix it.No problem, I didn't have any use for it and I know you are probably losing patience with sprit, I really wish he would just make a post rather than making zeal hunt him down to answer simple questions.
Really like how the board came together, looks amazing and has my vote I learned the hard way about paint curing times, all my plastic boards were fine but my aluminum filco that I painted matte black was a different story. I used it too early and ended up making the matte finish shiny on it in a couple spots. Once it warms up again (prob a while) I will sand it down a bit and put another coat on it and I just wont use it for a month or two to make sure the paint is...
When mine died the fans would spin and the power led would go on, but it wouldn't post. Just a black screen no matter what.I also thought it was PSU and asrock insisted it was but I swapped it out with another working unit and confirmed it was not the PSU. Same with the ram, cpu, hdd, etc... It was the board.Sorry to hear
What about right windows key and [;'/ for arrow keys? That is how the HHKB does it and I do like it. Sprits boards also come preprogrammed with that as one of the two arrow keys accessible through the fn layer (WASD) being the 2nd option which isn't as nice to use. (Unless you swap caps lock with FN, which in that case, would be my personal favorite arrow key layout)I don't use OSX so I am not sure about thatWhat exactly is wrong with it?
Looks awesome!Would you be too opposed to using the right windows key or alt key for FN? I don't personally use the keys on that side of the keyboard that often so that is what I would do.
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