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That is where I got my poker last year. I say go for it as long as you are willing to wait for it.
LZ-GH isn't getting any love this month
lol I think I saw that
Yes, that is a good question. I haven't even tried my poker 2 for getting into and navigating the bios so I really have no clue.
Who even needs physical keyboards #TouchscreenMasterRace
I refuse to believe any cherry switch could be the best clicky switch #CapacitiveBucklingSpringMasterRace
Black switches are best switches, get out of here kid
Thanks! It's all in the function layer/s. It isn't really the first board I would recommend for someone looking for a custom build (If you are coming from a tenkeyless or full size keyboard)If you own or have used a 60% keyboard such as the Poker II, it's sort of like that transition but even more so. You don't have the numbers directly available as well as some keys to the right side of the board. Once you get used to it then it isn't that bad but I don't really see it as...
Yessir, thank you
They are yellow, just not cherry mx. And there are cherry mx yellow switches, although they are very rare. I can't remember their name but there is this one person out there with this insane collection of rare cherry switches.
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