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Opinions? It's kinda growing on me. The green leds are more vibrant irl.
While I have't ever tried mx grays that might work out for you. I'd see if you could try a few out before committing to a full board. Also keep in mind that there is linear and tactile cherry mx grey so make sure you aren't getting the linear variant
MX Browns and MX Clears are different in terms of the stem design. Cherry MX Clears have a more pronounced tactile bump than Brown switches.Are you good with a soldering iron? Because you are going to at least have to desolder and resolder around 80 switches, and if it is a backlit board, double that. I feel like 120g might be a bit much but 100g springs in clears might work for you. I think I have only seen a few people actually use 120g springs for typing before, it just...
Only thing I can think of is the pink filco. stocks it but it sells out really fast every time they restock it. No leds though.
I know you are kidding and so am I Just don't end up like this guy with your spacebar and you should be fine
It's really nice for gaming especially imo, because at least for me, I always keep my thumb sitting on the spacebar while gaming and the sharp edge doesn't feel nice over time. I'm a pleb when typing tho and use my right index finger for spacebar so all my other boards just have standard spacebar angle since I am pressing the spacebar from the top down.
I'm not sure about wireless ones, but I did get a leopold fc210 a few weeks ago. It is really nice because it has esc, tab, equals, and backspace above the numbers, which I find pretty useful. Only problem is the older batches of this numpad output number row scancodes instead of numberpad codes. This is a newer batch one though.
Then ill end up with 400 dollar knives or 800 dollar headphones lol. I've been collecting keyboards for like 4 years now so it's not too bad. I've only gotten a few in the past year.Hmm you just missed a groupbuy for an aluminum case for the novatouch, not sure if you ever saw it.The non standard bottom row is a bit of a downside. Am I right in assuming you want to stay with clicky switches like mx blue? Are you okay with a tenkeyless (or smaller) or do you want a full...
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