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It's a keythulhu by binge. He doesn't have any in stock right now though.
True, but I am OCD so it would bother me to know I had messed that up.
Nice. I have really been enjoying these pitch black pbt caps. I'm not sure if I even got the blank ones on right as they don't have the profiles listed on the bottom of them.
I'm a fan. Good job
Can't wait to see some pictures of that redscarf. That is really cool that you can control it with a remote. Reminds me of the realforce that keyboardhell has with an RGB light in the esc key (It had a controller as well) Finally got some real dolch keycaps today so I took the DSA dolch off for now.
Aluminum boards can sound a bit hollow at times. Putting shelf liner inside the case can help at times but some cases can just sound hollow no matter what. Im not sure why (Since they were both so similar) but the vortex aluminum filco case seemed a lot more hollow than the tex filco case. I wonder if the cutout in the bottom for dip switches on the tex case helps it or something.
It really depends on which boards you have though.
I'm a bit confused at this point though. The kmac case can come with or without blockers built in. Are you looking to get a kmac with winkey support or do you want it to be winkeyless?
Nope. The only full size aluminum case (that I can think of) that isnt a complete custom is the full size vortex aluminum case and those are pretty rare and I don't think they would support that keyboard.
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