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If you want to take another try with razer, go ahead, but i'd wait and see what other keyboard recommendations others might have. I'm terrible with giving advice for keyboards, I don't really look into retail keyboards too much so I can't comfortably recommend anything.I could always try to fix it if you want, but it probably wouldn't be worth it after shipping both ways and then if more switches start messing up later.I know I wouldn't buy the same board again though, but...
Phil, assuming you do have a soldering iron. What I would probably do is take the keys that are problematic, desolder the print screen, scroll lock, and pause key, take those switches and move them to the problematic switches, then maybe just put some cherry mx blues on the print screen, scroll lock, pause keys. What board is this exactly? If it isn't an RGB, that could probably work well.
I remember trying and it ended up screwing up the top housing badly, like I lost 1-2 legs on the top half of the switch. If the plate doesn't have notches it isn't going to be easy at all.What keyboard have you done it on before?
Do you have a soldering iron?You probably aren't going to be able to open them up without desoldering since they are plate mounted.
tbh I built shelves in my closet a few months ago, the first 2 rows are full. I didn't want the bottom shelf to be only for keyboards, but that is really the only other option. [[SPOILER]] It would be nice to store them vertically in perhaps some soft sleeves, but then I would have to worry about them tipping over or something, and getting sleeves for each one would probably cost a fortune. This is why full size keyboards are horrible, they just take up so much space.
On the plus, today I realized I don't own a single keyboard I would ever want to get rid of. Downside is I have 17 keyboards and 2 numberpads. I am out of space at this point...
its lit famWhat type of paint are you using?
Does anyone by any chance know what keyboard pronax is using right now?
typing !drop now grants you a 3600 second (1 hour) ban from the eleague channel lmao
@aaaYep.. that is how I look at keyboards. More features are worse for me because it just means more points of failure.
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