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I have never used them with anything other than linears so it could be. I actually think browns and blues work better with thinner caps, thicker caps reduce the sound and feel of blues and reduce the tactility of browns to me.
QFR is completely standard layout, so you should be fine. Yours is ANSI right? Picture?Left shift would only be a prob if you had an ISO one, same with enter and such.I've been loving my set, such a nice set and matches well with that board Thanks for all the work you did
I don't really see the problem with massdrop, just buy things on massdrop that will only be on massdrop such as custom keyboards and keycap sets. There is no reason waiting 2 months to save 5 dollars on poker or some gateron switches or something that can be purchased anywhere else.
QFR is 100% standard layout, unless you are talking about the QF TK.
I have large hands as well and I haven't once found them to hinder my ability to use a keyboard of any size. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Hand all the way downI think it is just a bug with csgo, it happens to me sometimes, especially when I first join a server or a round just starts. When it happens, maybe open up steam overlay and put your cursor on a chat window to see if it is actually the keyboard sending those scancodes or if it is just a csgo bug, which I assume it is.
I sent valve a ticket about it, hopefully they can confirm whether he really did attempt to recover my account or not. :/
Not necessarily a CSGO thing, but maybe some of you will know this/have some info. Was just playing a casual game, and this guy posts in chat, "Hey HPE, you should check your phone, lol". So I check my phone to be greeted by 3 texts from 732873 saying "Your Steam recovery code is XXXXX". "He then starts saying, so did you spell hennessy wrong or is there a reason?". This was in reference to part of my email address associated with my steam account. So just RANDOMLY in...
That looks really nice!
Dead space 1 is really nice. My brother and I weren't too impressed with DS3 though, maybe you will feel different.Maybe when VR becomes more available in the future I will replay dead space 1 on it.. That would be fun!
My realforce is done 55g + Hypersphere rings and a pexon cable These hypersphere rings are really nice, the board is insanely quiet now.
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