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TBH the complaint about the cost of artisan keycaps not in aftermarket is a bit ridiculous. These people put all the work into the design, then invest in all of the materials needed to make a flawless product, stock all of the different resins, have to come up with colorways and designs, ship everything out, etc. I haven't made an artisan myself but it is a lot more work than most would assume. Is it highly profitable after you have made a good design and have all of your...
Well the model m is less durable than cherry mx switch in terms of the number of actuations it can endure over its lifetime simply because it has a membrane sheet under the switches and will wear out. The model f is much more durable over time because it has no membrane and uses a capacitive pcb below the switches.Model m is rated for 25 million keypresses while model f is rated at 100 million. Cherry and topre sit at around 50 million presses. The model f is really a tank...
Did you get the RS78 from massdrop?Desoldering wasn't too bad because the PCB is one sided and you don't have to deal with the solder going all the way down the hole and becoming hard to heat up but still pretty annoying removing the factory solder. Had to bump the temp of my iron up really high to get it to melt. The pcb on these things is so flimsy but tbh I still prefer desoldering these over a dual layer pcb (when the lead free factory solder is used)I didn't even know...
Some progress on my quickfire rapid
Awesome, I think I am missing a few. I'll look back to figure out. Thanks
Impressive Would never know it wasn't a blackwidow chroma.
That is pretty cool regardless, do you have any pictures under the keys on that g510? Good luck on the blackwidow conversion as well, post pictures
There is this know nothing about it thoughoops and this too. the 62/60, once again I know nothing about it
Thanks I didn't want to make it too neat so that is why column 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11 are that way. I could have all ran them right under the first row but I kinda like seeing the wires. Not like that is visible when using the keyboard anyway. Was a lot of work though, so many hours getting it all cut, bent, routed, soldered, etc.
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