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So I was kinda shocked last night. I went to replace the leds on my pok3r with lower profile 1.8mm ones and in the process I noticed something. The board had pretty terrible soldering from the factory... Here are some examples. That huge ball of solder, multiple keys with far too little solder. Right control Right Alt And FN key
That was the chemistpost here:
looks cool
Out of curiosity, how much do the pins cost when purchased at a major?
Ended up finding some official replacements on ebay that were located in the US, 4 dollars including free 2 day shipping so it should be good now. It's just crazy how much I have worn these things down.
tempting. I will have to decide. I don't really want to wait weeks for them to show up :/thanks
So.. sorta related to this thread. I have had my steelseries rival for quite some time now but I have been noticing recently that I have blown through the feet on the bottom which make it drag on the mousepad really bad at times. I found some replacement feet online but it would end up costing 11-15+ dollars after shipping to get them, which at that point makes me just want to replace the mouse completely. What mice similar to the rival are out there? I really like the...
For me it kinda goes hand in hand since checking corners and everything gets my hands all warmed up and ready to go. Usually the 1v1 server people are really good aimers so it gets my reactions times in check and my aim on point. Community TDM servers are also nice though, the valve tdm servers are much like casual game mode, skill is everywhere and I have had many times where I jump in a TDM, go 50 and 8 and still do completely horrible in comp as far as my aim goes...
1v1 servers over tdm any day for warmup That way you actually practice clearing corners and holding angles (depending on map) unlike in tdm where you are running around like a madman doing 180s to get kills and blindly running through doors.
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