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Have you tried competitive?Casual is really an awful gamemode, not only due to the whole 10v10, always have armor, dumbed down, etc. But since it is unranked and meant to be played casually and is so easily accessible (no rank requirement, no 30 minute to 1 hour lock in with a punishment if you leave, etc) the people you have playing it are all over the place. You have people who are not good players trying their heart out as if it is comp, so they get all mad at everyone...
AFAIK the deck francium pro does not contain any metal outside of the metal plate. The "paint" or coating on the keyboards are a metal like paint I think but the case is not. They claim the frame of the case is strong metal, but I think they are referring to the plate and are bending the truth.
coolermaster for suredont want to get the k70, decide you want new keycaps for it but cannot since the non standard bottom row
There we goCase is getting here tomorrow. Took me hours to figure out how to get a keymap on this keyboard.I imagine so. The pok3r kinda has that problem because the spacebar LED is facing forward while all the other keys aren't (same on this keyboard as well). And since the case is low profile, that LED shines right at you. Luckily the LEDs in the pok3r aren't very bright.
it messes up your eyes pretty bad if you glace directly at themthere are no keycaps on it right now though, so it wont always be like that haha
I think the leds are a wee bit too bright. It is crazy. (I can turn them down, but wow)
easiest prediction of my life
Got some stuff today Also got the 1.8mm green leds. They snap into the switch housings like 2x3x4 leds (even better fit possibly) and they are tiny. Solder should get here tomorrow and case gets here wednesday. I guess I can just use classic beige until the whole imsto gb gets off the ground... if ever..
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