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Sounds good, if you are missing/needing any colors just let me know.(I will take a picture of my remaining ones)
I still have quite a bit of blank colors left, I can't believe I got so many. The one thing that bugs me is the dark green I have has a wavy top to it that reflects light weird, but I don't have any other dark greens left so it has to do.
Lucky! Those sold out fast (must have been just a few sets)
My grab/crap bag
They said they will consider 30g and 55g weights down the road, as well as other form factors.
45gProbably won't be all that cheap, no way it's under 130 I would say.
Looks awesome _________________________________________________________I was just thinking, looking at the pictures of the novatouch, it seems to be pretty standard as far as I can tell, and if it is anything like the QFR, it might fit my vortex aluminum case... If the micro usb plug is just a little separate PCB as it was on the QFR, then this is good. I could possibly put it in my vortex case @_@If it actually works, the whole vortex case will be overhauled. I will fill...
I thought this was the mechanical keyboard club for a second What weight is the realforce? (variable, 45g, 55g)
Thanks people Yeah, source. Looks really nice, kinda kmac mini like.
Teh poker
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