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So everyone I have just completed some upgrades to the first system build I have completed. I took some of the information people gave me and have completed the following. Put 2 x sapphire 7950's in crossfire and added an XSPC watercooling system. I have upgraded the radiator from the standard one (DX 240) to the AX 240 and it is much better. What have I found, I am having trouble finding stable overclock settings on the 7950's and XSPC DO NOT include the fan screws and...
I have just upgraded to windows 8 and have lost all functionality to AMD Vision Engine Control Centre. Anyone offer advice ? cheers
So I bought a new GPU today, got the above mentioned card but when it is run through Passmark it says that the 3d rendering and came upwith the score attached. What is everyones thoughts on the score ? I have also attached the settings through the AMD Vision Engine Control Centre. How can I improve this or can someone give me some settings to try. The overall temps of the system (CPU, MOBO and card are within ranges), any input is appreciated. Cheers     A comparison...
I have gotten my 8150 to 4837.8mhz. It is running stable with no issues whatsoever. Pretty ipressed with it.  
JrBris, Have a look at very quick shipping and reliable. I have a Thermaltake Frio cooling my 8150 CPU and I only get 29deg c when not overclocked and when I test the system I am getting around 62deg c FULLLOAD and it seems to be handling it. Currently running at 4.4ghz Dave
Hi There Everyone, Well I have just completed the first attempt at overclocking my new PC. See the picture and tell me what I can do to improve, I have not played with the RAM as yet but is that a vital part. Dave 
Hi There Everyone, I want to have some custom cables made for the entire PC I have, can anyone tell me where the best place to get cables made for a Power Supply: Thermaltake Tough Power 875w. Cheers
Hey There Mate, I am in the same boat as you, first build ever, had computers but never learnt what to put in them. The info I have received from the guys on here on how I can make the PC better is worthwhile. I went the opposite to you I bought a known PSU but too much power (Will not use it all). Like the pics and the cable management is not that hard it just takes time. I am doing it little bit by little bit (In between work). Have fun
Hi All, Well I have taken your advice onboard and have found a graphics card that I think you are referring too. Would this suit the system ? Dave
Just filled out the form you sent, I did complete that after I registered but it may not have saved.
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