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I own the Zowie EVO EC2, EC1 and the AM-FG. The only one has stiff switches is the zowie AM. I am using the EVO EC2 now, and it has really nice soft switches and the scroll weel is really soft too comparing with the Zowie AM. I didn't like the Zowie AM because the hard switches and the mouse cramp my right hand after 2 or 3 hours playing games or doing regular stuff.
Try Zowie EVO EC2 (smaller than the Deathadder). I do have the EC2 in shiny white and I love it. Some people like the shiny plastic coating feel and other people like the rubberized coating feel. I love my IME 1.1 and the Zowie EVO EC2 was the perfect replacement. It is very difficult for me to hold the mouse when is cover with a rubberized coating and that is why I went and choosed the Zowie EC2 in white. I had been playing FPS since 2000 (CS 1.6, COD MW2, MW3 and now...
Hi, I sent you a PM.
Well, I had have cramps in my hand by using the Zowie AM FG after 2 hours of gaming and after a week trying I said forget it. Zowie AM is not as wide and bulkier as my IME 1.1. I don't know if I there is a mod to change the right side button to the left as it shows in this picture . I'm going to google it now.
I just bought this mouse: I love my IME 1.1 the problem is that it has 1 button on the left side and the other one on the right side and now I'm playing BF3 and I using those buttons to spot enemies and maximize my minimap and is kind of annoying. That is what I bought that mouse from amazon 2 days ago ($20) just...
Is there a guide so I can look in order to change the Huano switches with Omron switches? What do I have to look (particular style or Omron number) to buy the replacement switches? Thanks I found it:
I found a video about the monoprice mousepad
I have a Steelseries Qck+, an artisan Hayate L, and a Gaming XL from and the one from monoprice is a really nice combo for my Zowie am-gs. I paid for the Gaming XL just only 10 bucks.
I have the Artisan Hayate L and I did pay almost 60 bucks for it, is a really good mousepad but gets dirty really fast too. I bought one from and I believe is the Gaming mousepad XL and it cost almost $10, I mainly bought it to have one extra mousepad to use when I wash and clean my hayate mousepad. I play BF3 better with the one I bought from monoprice. I replaced my Hayate for the monoprice one and I use the zowie am as well. (english is not my primary...
@woll3 Are you a low sens or high sens player?
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