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Yep, yours at 500w load is over 93% efficient according to Anandtech.
Wow those clocks !!! I would however expect a GPU score to be better. My R9 390 is only 300 points under at half the clock speed. Still can't get over how high those GPU's clock.
So true. Yours has about the worst case you can get from a system with a 390 and any CPU. Maybe an FX CPU would use a bit more but at almost 1.5v not much more. A bit a research goes a long way to helping folks pick a brand and wattage. I believe the right PSU is about the most important you can buy for a system costing as much as we put into ours.Check out this video, it's a prime example of a newb not understanding how important it is to have good quality....
Most good PSU's like your Corsair have the best efficiency between 25 and 80% load. While 1000w is a bit much and Vega and Zen will use less power together than what you have I don't think you will hurt anything with what you have and if you ever decide to add a GPU you have plenty of room.
My 6700k and 390 only pull about 400w from the wall with both overclocked. My Seasonic 660w platinum is plenty.
Mine wasn't from excess paste by the way, it was from to little or just poor paste. It was like it turned to liquid and there was almost nothing between the heat sink and GPU. I loaded up pretty good as I have found too much is not a problem but too little can cause big ones. Better paste helps too.
Upgrade the CPU if anything. If you are looking to upgrade the GPU hold for a bit and wait for Vega.
I got a MSI Gaming 390 a few months back and was always a bit unsatisfied because it idled in the 40's and recently started idling in the 50's so even though I did not really want to I took it apart, cleaned it and replaced the thermal paste and pads. The paste job was horrible, it barely had any between the block and the GPU. Once back together it now is idling around 25c and under load playing Crysis 3 the temps max in the low 60's. The fans don't even ramp up where...
From what I can tell the 480 will at least be on par performance with the 390x and with less heat and less power draw so if you can wait for the 480. I bought a 390 a few months ago and I will be selling and getting the 480 or maybe even wait a bit to get a 490. I don't think the price is going to be crazy either but we don't know yet what the card will have in it. The AIB partner cards should be out vary soon for the 480.
Will a 480 crossfire with a 390 or only with Explicit Multi will that work.
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