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Screws on the bottom
SRICE4904 has been added, Welcome!!!
Going with the Razor does end up cheaper and I actually like the look, I do like the look of the Komodo and Apogee block a bit better though but I don't think a bit better justifies the extra cost.I am not a big fan of EK water-block's. I don't mean the quality but the looks. I just think they are kinda' bland and unexciting. The outside of my case I want smooth and clean, grew up a bit from the C70 days, the inside I want to POP. Some think the exact opposite or that the...
Yep. the 750D even better with water on the CPU. Now I am sporting 290 that will be going under water soon too. Looking at 2 GPU blocks, the Komodo or the XSPC Razor. What do you think of either of those.
No, unfortunately not. I moved my stuff into the 750D and built him a new one and I believe now it's gone.Sad days.
Most definitely outdid yourself on the test-bench "B". I'm lovin' it.
The stats may be a bit overblown too I don't know, but I do know he says it's pretty quiet and works well. It may not be the best but it's good enough for him.
Thanks "B", I will look forward to seeing that. My c70 got rebuilt for my son and I think he may have sold it for beer money.
Thanks Joseph! I owe it all to you. They sure do move slow over there but I love the T and the Medal. Since I already had the MM200 mouse mat I gave that one to my stepson.
This bitfenix 140mm specter pro has 2.8mm/H20 - My stepson uses them on an AIO and they are pretty quiet and seen to work very well for cooling too.
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