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I looked at the wrong CPU, the 4790k only has 16 lanes.
No, they are performance fans. Some might choose to use quiets on a rad but the performance run very quiet at low RPM.The rad is an Alphacool 360 x 45 mm and the CPU is a G3258 Pentium. Not sure about the Helix fans.
Yep, I have 3 SP 120 PWM's on my 360 rad and they work great. My system is cool enough where I barely hear them because they run at such a low RPM. I have all 3 running off of the 1 CPU header marked CPU fan1 here and the D5 pump is CPU fan2/ I use a fan header that runs all 3 of my fans at what ever fan/profile that I set the CPU fan1 header to run at so when the CPU heats up the fans spin faster.
No it should not. All I was saying is that personally I would not use daisy-chained cables on a card that requires 2x8 pin connectors. Some will say it doesn't make a difference and others the opposite but there is no difference between a 6+2 and an 8 pin as far as I know as long as the pins are in the same spot. Just the connector is split in 2 pieces.Like I said, my card requires 1 x 8 pin and 1 x 6 pin and the PSU came with a 6+2 and I now use and 8 pin instead, it...
Hey guys, I haven't been around much and I am sorry for that. I haven't gone back through he thread and checked if I missed any folks that wanted to join so if you do please post a pick the card type and current clocks and I will add you. You can also post a link to a post if you have already one this. Thanks, DD
DX12 might be interesting. With DX11 in BF4 it was freezing and skipping badly but as soon as I switched to Mantle it was smooth as butter. I don't recommend a G3258 for high-end gaming but it is nice to know you can spend $70 and get a chip that will handle at least mid-range gaming at 1080p res. for those without the money to spend on the high-end stuff. Mine sits at 4.3 Ghz @ 1.2v and consumes almost no power. Even with a lower-end GPU like a Gtx 660 or something this...
Two 8 pin cables should be fine, if you mean two 8 pins off the same cable I.E daisy chained NO, I would not do that. You will not get enough power to the card IMO. The 6+2 cables are made in case you need only a 6 pin. My ss660 came with 6+2's and I have 1 - 8 pin and 1- 6 pin now. Just make 100% sure the pin-out is the same.
Yep, the key here is PCI-E lanes. Cores, threads and clocks too but the amount of PCI-E lanes on a CPU has a serious affect on a multi-GPU set-up. The 4790K for example I think has 28 and of course a 3258 isn't near that but an I5 like the 4690k only has 16. The highest end Haswell-e has 40 so there is way more available lanes.I will say that I have a 3258 paired with a 290 and I run BF4 on ultra settings and with Mantle on I get 65 to 80 FPS (1080p single player) so if...
I know that TTL tested 2 - 295x2 cards and 1200w would not be enough if overclocked and loaded to the max but for your tri-fire set-up 1200w should be enough, especially if you don't overclock the GPU's.Video -
The extreme 6 and 9 look good. I wish they would just have 2 x PCIE 3.0 16x slots and skip the 3rd slot on the Extreme 6. The Extreme 9 is about $60 more but you get 2 of the slots are 3.0 16x. 2 cards is the most I will ever do. Hmmm, I think the Extreme 9 looks good. I have had good luck with Asrock so far and I have an offer to buy a 4790k for a great price so I might go there. Thanks.
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