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What clocks should I list and do you have a pic?
I don't know what was wrong but I got the Devil to work, alas I have already listed it and should have my 280x tomorrow so upgrade it is.
That's not on all of them. I have no warping and I cut out the optical bays and once all together mine has no flex at all. It is not built quite as strong as the 800D or 900D but is a bit less expensive so it's understandable. The fit and finish is a bit off in some places so they could have done a bit better and I would have like to have seen them have a better system for attaching the side panels rather than the old thumb screws that are easy to lose and hard to line up...
you will need to bump the timings up and you will need around 1.35v to run 2800 if you cam get there. You should bump it all up a little at a time. My XMP shows 15 16 16 35 51 T2 for 2800 and 1.25v but mine is 2800 RAM not 2400.
You have been added, welcome !!!
SabbathHB has been added, welcome. I will be adding everyone else that has submitted lately later today since I now have control again. Thanks, DD
Yeah but it's all so much fun right?
Craigslist it. I have a Fractal Design Define R5 sitting around and don't know what to do with it either.
Where are the pics of asus 5 in the 750D? I see you have progressed quite a bit on your bends from asus 3 and 4. I love the green lights in asus 6. My only criticism is a recurring theme in all of your builds is there are so many colors in each one. There seems to be no real color scheme to any of them. Other than that it's some pretty good work.
It's tough to put a price on keeping your chip as cool as possible, especially when overclocking. $120 doesn't seem too steep a price to pay for ease of fit and very good cooling. Here is the new H100i Extreme v2 for $120. are cheaper options too, you could go 120mm cooler to save a bit. This is...
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