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I have the Trident X kit and love it but I also have 3 sets of Team RAM and they have worked flawlessly. No overclocking the team RAM though so I can't speak to that. I did have the Trident X to 2600 Mhz pretty easily.
Firestrike score isn't bad at all. Nice job.
Been a bit quiet in here lately. If anyone feels like they wish to take the club over just send me a PM and I will hook you up with Arizonian. I was told it's OK for me keep doing it but I thought it only fair to give anyone who wish's a chance. Thanks, DD
How do you tell FPS in Mantle if fraps don't show up?
Is it normal for fraps to not show up in BF4?
I got a sapphire 290 ref and it was flashed to a 290x for $245 used. It works awesome. BF4 runs smooth as silk at max settings with Mantle @ stock clocks.
I can't believe how cool this thing runs. I threw every thing at this thing I could think of and I couldn't get it above 40c. Of course it's at stock but even overclocked it should be relatively cool. Heck the rad fans won't even spin any faster until it hit's 50c.
I just got a reference card for that exact thing. I don't think you need to spend a bunch of money on a card with elaborate cooling if your going under water.
I had the Z97 stuff laying around so I am just using in my main rig so I can sell the AMD stuff and get the 5820x and DDR4, then I will put the z97 into an HTPC for the livingroom. The only reason I am selling the AMD stuff is because otherwise I could not afford a Haswell-E. At least not in my wife's eyes.
Not exactly. I got the mobo for free so the CPU, mobo and RAM I am selling to get the CPU and then I will get the RAM in about 2 weeks. Total $940 for only about $250 out of pocket.How come I knew you might question my motives.
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