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Here Snef, let me get this one. NO, NO and NO !!!!!Do you think when the Taj Mahal was built they worried about what it would take to clean it? No.A true work of art Snef.P.S. Coolants these days are far less apt to stain and clog systems so maintenance is needed much less frequently.
My 6600k and 16 gigs of DDR4 are finally on the way. Very excited to get my personal system back up and running.
If you have a heavy GPU don't forget the stainless steal braces around the PIC-e slots on the Gaming 7. They help with sag for sure.
A work of art Snef !!!
It is a bit confusing, we are in kinda new territory here but the idea of having more PCI-E lanes on the chip-set to cover the storage solutions and the lanes on the CPU to run the GPU is a sound one and I think a leap in the right direction with increasing demands on both sides.
290's do get very warm but this case has plenty of air flow, the type of fans and configuration will be the determining factor in whether you can keep them cool or not.
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Nice rig, I love a system with 16mm rigid tubing. I will never use anything else unless they make something better. Soft tubing looks cheazy IMHO and the thinner rigid tube looks out of place.Well done.
If you are Rendering or Video editing the 5820k is going to be better, if you are going to game the 6700k has a slight edge. As far as the M.2 capabilities the 6700k is going to be better because with Skylake some PCI_E lanes have been moved the chipset which frees up the lanes on the CPU for the GPU and the lanes on the chipset control the rest which is why it gets a bit better gaming performance IMHO. If you are interested in dual M.2 and mostly gaming I would go with...
Why not the Gaming 7 or at least a Gaming 5. They are sweet looking.The only difference between the Gaming 7 and the Gaming GT is the GT has Q flash and and voltage points to monitor your voltage manually. At least that's all I can see.The Gaming 5 is scaled down just a tiny bit and $50 cheaper. It has more Black in it and less white.
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