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Been having RAM issues with it. It's working now but it has been kind of a pain. I think it was just a bios update though.
Just bought a 4670k, is that a good match for a 290 flashed to a 290x.
I just bought a 4670k so I will be most likely put my G3258 and MSI z97 krait edition up for $150 when the new one get's here. I will post a link in this thread to the marketplace post.
That's what I thought, I don't know why Asrock does that. Most ATX boards are 9.6 inch's and Asrock makes a lot of boards less then 9 inch's. Maybe the Sabertooth. I will let you know if I want one.
How wide in inch's is the Asrock board? I might be interested if it's a full 9.6 inch's.
Ouch !
You have been added! Welcome!!!
I am really sorry I wasn't more specific, I just meant the clock speeds like it says on the 1st post. Sorry you went to all of that trouble but nice job anyhow.
Yes what ever you run it at, I don't know the specs of every card and need them to add you. I will definitely add you as soon as I have them.
Could you tell me what the specs are for that card and do you have a pic? I would love to see that old school system.
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