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So what do you guys think Corsair Bulldog is?
Corsair takes orders to Europe also.
All I used was the LAN driver to connect and then when to the Asus sight and downloaded updated drivers. If you plan on any overclocking or even stretching the 4790k's legs a bit I would go with the Z97-pro. It has a 12 phase power delivery where the Z97-A has only 8, plus the heat sinks look so much better and on top of that it is a bit more feature packed. I know on average it's $40 more but you can find deals and $40 is well worth it anyway.
Here -
Getting any further or are you still on Holiday?
Mine ain't yellered. I have the airflow front coming today and I tried out some plasti-dip and I love that stuff. It's so easy to paint with. What do you guys think of the grey. I was never happy with the other because there were so many imperfections in the paint job. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah but the 2 or 3 times I have tried to buy monsoons mandrel set they were sold out so if there is another supplier then all the better. I have no loyalty to Monsoon and they have no loyalty to me. Just my take on things.
Yep, if you don't care about having the latest bestest SSD that's only 5% faster you can get both a 480Gb SSD and a 2TB Hdd for less than $250. I made a mount that fit in the optical bay for a HDD and SSD out of plexi-glass and used double sided tape to hold it down.
If they made an air cooler that didn't cover up beautiful motherboards, wasn't so heavy and could cool an overclocked chip even as good as the newer AIO's I would think about it but since there is nothing out there like that I will be watercooling all of my builds one way or the other.
Pining for more! Love that little board, I have her big brother. If you ever want to sell that Ram let me know. It will fit my Z97 pro nicely.
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