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Maybe a bit, here is mine with an 8350.Trust me I have never been able to explain why my combined score is so low and I have spent loads of time and effort trying.
Running 3DMark11 now for the 1st time.My 750D is like a super-case compared to the C70.Graphics 1994Physics 5307Combined 3411All stock speeds.
I bought an R7 240 for my sons PC for $65. He plays mostly Starcraft and on medium settings and has no issues. He doesn't have a great monitor anyway so the lack of power is not an issue at all Here is the C70 it's in.
I have edited the OP to include a link to the R7 club and replaced the pic.
techjesse has been added. You got some clocks? Everyday or overclocks, either is good.
Try HWinfo64 for monitoring software, it should show everything you need there.
Somewhat, I got it to 4.4 Ghz stable and it seemed pretty snappy.In Valley I got very close to my AMD set-up but it's not CPU intensive, in 3DMark11 the Physics and Combined were total crap. It stayed very cool in my system but the CPU was watercooled.The Asrock Z97 Pro 4 mobo was very impressive for $110. High end built but slightly narrower than most full ATX. I just have not have time to do more extensive overclocking and benching yet but from what I can figure out...
Hey All, I have been absent for a bit, sorry about that. I have added v3n0m90 - manofsteel87 and BurpinPurp561, please read the 1st post if you wish to be added please post the make/model/a pic/clocks to be added. There are a couple of others that I did not add due to lack of info. Welcome to those I did add and if you are missing any info please post it. Thanks, DD
That's missing the whole point of what an APU is designed for. Run them without a graphics card and tell me who wins.
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