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Which one? I am having a tough time deciding. My CPU is a Raystorm and I like the Razor but the backplate is an EK. The Aqua-computer Hawaii looks nice but it's not full cover. I also like the Komodo TBH and it comes with a backplate but I heard the VRM temps were a tad high do to no thermal tape but the core temps are about the best. See what I mean, so many choices.
Here's my 2 cents - I had a 7870/270x X-fire set-up and the 7870 pooped out on me. I had to make a decision as to what to do. After searching and pondering I decided on a used 290 flashed to 290x for $240. I could have waited a bit for the 970 and 980 to come out and spent more for no reason but chose to get the best price to performance I could and trust me I did. A 970 is over $300 for less performance and the 980 is over $500 more performance. Even new the 290 is still...
Thanks, it's black silver & Gold.
I took aurora out. It didn't work well with my pump/res combo. Hows the JAC comong along?Did this too. Love dem Mustangs.
Yes the Razor is full cover and the Hawaii is not. It's a taste thing. I don't want to see PCB. I like the Hawaii I also like the Komodo, I could live with a tad high VRM temps to get looks and top rate core temps.
You will. Hey you seen my new rebuild?
I still look at that and think,"man that's wild". The J.A.C. is coming along nicely.
Nice. If you are running the core that high it's probably why the memory has to be lower than you might like. Core gives the best performance increase though so if it works run with that. The main thing in games is stability and decent enough FPS to run smooth. What kind of FPS are you getting?
I really like the Hawaii block but it's not full cover. I did notice the Razor has a bit high VRM temps because of no thermal tape for them but I would think you could add a thin layer, or am I wrong. EK might be my choice because it's cheaper, decent cooling and the Back-Plate is EK.I exposed it so all could see the EK logo.
That a nice one. I am looking for full cover though. It is cheaper than the Razor though. I will ponder some more. Bitspower has a nice one too but it's not copper and just as much as the Razor. I just might go Razor to match my Raystorm I just hope I don't have to do another backplate.Thanks for the help.
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