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I am sure it can't hurt.
Don't even think delidding is needed. The chip is very cool under water, they don't have the problems other intel chips have had at all. mine idols around 20c and under full load at 4.3 got to around 50c but could nt get it to heat up enough to even ramp up the fans. even at higher overclocks I don't think it will do any good to delid it.
Nice, I love my 6600k. I just paired it with an R9 390
I did some gaming with my MSI 390 and with everything maxed out in Crysis 3 at 1080p I hit a max of 68c. It was butter smooth but I guess it should be at 1080p. When I get a 1440p monitor I am expecting it to tax the card a lot more but I am as happy as I could be with it for now.
Change GPU again, got a MSI Gaming R9 390
Does the GPU match the board?
My system looks whole again, got a 390 Gaming today. It feels a bit like Chrsitmas.
Hey Agent Smith, Fixn' to join the ranks. MSI R9 390 Gaming
I did a review of this board , a ga-x150m Pro EEC. I had asked before about the CPU list and was sent a link that included the I5's and I7's but found it only had a 3 phase power delivery system and there was no way I was going to even try to put my 6600k in that. I got a I3 g4400 instead. It's a good board but I really don't understand who might be interested in buying it. For the amount it costs it's severely...
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