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I think you are right, that's an awful big load for a 550w psu. Even if it can handle it, which it should be able to, do you want to run it at that for any length of time? They do degrade over time especially if they carry a big load. I have a 660w platinum with my 290 and it's just about right but if I was to need a new PSU I would get a 850w at least maybe 1000w because I will at some point be adding another card and I am always upgrading.
Did you sweep and reinstall the drivers after you installed both cards. Sometimes deleting and reinstalling the monitoring software helps too because they all have there own system info they run.
There are cards out there the say individual cables are a must, I would guess a 295 x2 card would be one. I don't like the looks of a daisy chained cable though so even when I had a 7870 and R9 270x I run 1 for each connector (4 total 6 pin connectors), but that was more for looks than anything else. I run 2 for my 290 also. Do you think if you have a single 12v rail it makes a difference?
This is now a medal winning PC. I got this from Corsair with a PC Domination T-Shirt and an MM200 Corsair mouse-pad.
I entered Corsairs PC Domination contest this spring and was supposed to get a T-Shirt for entering. Well months later it finally showed up. They were nice enough to include an MM200 mouse-pad and this Medal. I think it's pretty nice. It's actually about 3" and very heavy.
Just wondering why 3DMark firestrike loads and works fine for me but 3DMark11 doesn't load and I have to restart.
Me too -
If you could you post a pic and maybe what clocks you are running I will be happy to add you.
I have seen very few 270x's that will do over 1550. My devil did and maybe the Toxi, maybe.Having said that, any memory clock over 1450 has almost zero performance gains and sometimes restricts the core overclocking. I would downclock to even 1250, get as much out of the core you can and then increase the memory until it becomes unstable or stops giving any performance boost and leave it there.
OKTold you guys I was new.
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