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No, they come with different clocks. 1400 Mhz that yours came with is memory clock not core clock.
Yes. that big hunk of aluminum sat right on the motherboard and cooled 2 CPU's.
Sweetness !!
LOL, I sold it for scrap aluminum. It's out of an old MAC dual CPU. The dang thing sets right on top of the motherboard and it had leaked down the motherboard into the bottom of the case.
Yep, a dual CPU AIO. It came out of an old system my son bought and the thing was leaking all over the case and dripping down the motherboard. He bought in just for the case which cleaned up nicely but like everything else he hasn't gotten around to doing anything with it.
That is very cool. I have an AIO you could use.
My new watercooling loop.
It will work for both AMD and Intel.
I think you are gong to need at least 1.3v to run at 1360 on a 270x. 1350 is just about as high as I have seen on a 270x. Can you get 1350 and your DD's at 1.25v? That would be crazy good if you can.
I like them both so the choice will be tough. The new Swiftech looks aggressive and would go well with the C70 but I think the brushed aluminum on the Raystorm goes well with the 750D. Too may choices.
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