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I will add you if you wish, do you have pics? I love Dual Devil's!!
Glad to hear you got it all worked out. Those temps are crazy low.
It's been a great relationship but all good things must come to an end. I will still be around because I am going to build an AMD APU system for my son in the C70.I thought about the 760T but decided this time I wanted a cleaner look and it was $30 cheaper with the same insides. My watercooling parts are on there way. I love it.
Thanks, it's all gone now and in my 750D.The combs are actually these -
I would like some feed back if possible. I am going with EK's ICE white liquid and I was planning on using white plexi to cover the back around the motherboard and on the floor and around the PSU - I just realized that it might be too much white. Yakima plastics down the street has some gloss black plexi and I was thinking that might be better. Black on the back and white on the bottom with lights. What do you guys think.
My C70 build has been entered in Corsairs Build contest. Here -
Looks like a capture from an episode of "How it's made".
Yes I agree about the negativity here. Doesn't belong. On the FX series CPU's. If you have and FX 8350 or a I7 3770K you will notice hardly any difference in the two in anything but benching. A frame or two here and there is not noticeable at all and that's the only difference in gaming and in some games the 8350 performs better. In rendering or other CPU intensive applications the difference is not that much at all either so is the extra $100 or more for the chip and...
Try HWinfo64!! By the way, when you see 12c or 17c at idle it's because the temp sensor is not actually physical. The use some sort of formula to calculate the temp so it reads funny at anything below 30C or so. I have had mine read 2C at 27C ambient temp but at soon as I put a load on it the correct temp is displayed. 50C does seem a bit weird though, I have never seen that.
I was going to get the new Apogee but decided on this because of the cleaner look. I don't mind that it takes up a bit more room TBH because there really is nothing under there to look at. I ordered all of my parts this morning and should get them by midweek next week. I am stoked!!
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