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If you are talking about the mobo bios I have never changed any settings and don't recommend doing it unless you know exactly what you are doing.
It's possible but very tight with most mobo's. I use an 45mm.
Incredible work Greg !!!! Looking forward to seeing the tubing all finished. I bet the cabling will be tons of fun with all of that power going in it.
Another set-up folks are using now is a NAS. Store files from and back up all of your devices and access the info from anywhere that has an internet connection and with the price of large capacity HDD's nowadays it just makes a lot of sense.
Do you have Afterburner? Even if not could you show us the settings you have there. In the CCC turn off graphics overdrive if it's on. It could be you need to do a complete removal of the drive and install it again. Some cards work better with older versions. I hope we can help you.
GigabitPony and buttface240 have been added, welcome to the club. I will be checking in a lot more often now the my son moved out of my mancave and I have unfettered access to my main rig.
You have also been added. Again how about those clocks. Please don't just say stock clocks, I don't know what every cards stock clocks are. Another Obsidian in the club, nice!!
You have been added. How about some clocks.
You may have heard the old adage, mine is "Black, White and Red all over" just like a newspaper.
Maximus Knight and Particle have been added, welcome!! Particle, can we see a pic of your cards please. Maximus Knight, very nice system you have there. Some say red and black is overdone and I say if it looks good it looks good. I like my red and black.
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