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Yes, my system looks a bit bare without dual GPU's and no watercooling to the GPU either.
For now just using the 1 270x. Haven't decided what to do yet. Going to sell a bunch of stuff soon and maybe the 270x devil along with 2 motherboards and a CPU just don't know which ones I want to keep, then I will most likely get a 290 ref card but still deciding.
This /\, there is a reason the Toxic, Devil, Gaming and DC II cost more. They are all custom built cards from the PCB up. Better memory controllers and chips, better quality chokes and a better layout for heat control along with the heat-sink and fans. All of this and more makes these cards able to clock higher as a rule. There will be exceptions as there always is but as a whole the high end custom built cards can clock higher with less heat.
Mine is 1235/1575 but I have a Powercolor so I don't know what the Dual-X can do. 1125 to 1150 if I have to guess, but that's just a guess.
hyp36rmax, That is sweet, I might consider something like that. Widde, I might go X-Fire with 2 x 290's some day but I they would be wet for sure.
No, but because of the audio issue I was going to but I solved it by reinstalled the audio driver so I cancelled that thought.
I am going to do a complete reinstall of windows later today and I will try and make sure it wasn't something with the drivers or anything like that but I won't hold too much hope. Who knows but since I reinstalled the latest driver while troubleshooting I lost sound too so we will see.
Naw, it was an open box and I have replaced the TIM and overclocked the hell out of it. I got a ton of use and fun out of it so I will just hang it up on the wall and immortalize it.
They look sweet but since EK is supposed to be premier how come they don't come like that to begin with? Just being the Devil's advocate.
Yep, I will have to make a deal with my Devil.
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