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I have a thought - R9 390 - better performance and less cost.
I love the new ROG colors, go with the 3rd board if you can. Subbed.
Finally redoing my cables to match, should I add a couple of white to the 24 pin or take the white out of the PCI-E 6 pin and sleeve them black?
Updated. You will find that you get more performance from a core overclock than from a memory anyhow. A slightly lower memory and higher core is always better and more stable than trying to push the memory. Good job.
That makes sense now.
Good idea, I have some white plasti-dip.
I hear that. I am 1070 miles from a microcenter.
You have been added. I don't remember if it was a 280 or 280x but noticed core clocks at 975 so I assumed it was a 280 and put it under there. If it;s a 280x let me know and I will change it.
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