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From what I can tell the 480 will at least be on par performance with the 390x and with less heat and less power draw so if you can wait for the 480. I bought a 390 a few months ago and I will be selling and getting the 480 or maybe even wait a bit to get a 490. I don't think the price is going to be crazy either but we don't know yet what the card will have in it. The AIB partner cards should be out vary soon for the 480.
Will a 480 crossfire with a 390 or only with Explicit Multi will that work.
Wait for the custom 480 for sure. The card is going to be so much better in the future. The 490 will also be out soon which should be worth waiting for also if you can.
Jarheads stick together I will try 4.7. 1200/1525 and set the XMP on my RAM which is 2800. Should be interesting. Need to work on the over clock but I got 4.4 1125/1500 XMP failed so RAM is still stock.
Just a prelim, run. 6700k @ stock 4.0/4.2 boost, R9 390 @ 1100/1525. 16 Gbs DDR4 @2133 For sale in the market place for 3 days. Then it goes to ebay.
I just got a 6700k so I am selling my 6600k. I auto overclocked it to 4.3 Ghz and ran some bench's when I bought it, after that it has been running at stock for a few months. This CPU has always been under a full loop and has never reached 60c on any core. It is flawless but I wanted the i7. Price includes shipping USPS priority mail 2 to 3 days. I will consider outside of the US48 but I will not pay shipping. I bought it new on Oct. 7 2015
I got a letter from the Washington State Att. Genral, I thought I was in trouble for something. It was a check for $81.63 from this settlement. A nice surprise.
I agree but the statement that it's on par with the 390 is what threw me. Maybe the 8 Gig card would be.
I recently read an article from Tweak Town about the 480 performance in the Steam VR bench and I am a bit confused. The article said the 480 score was a 6.3 and was on par with the 390, the issue is that I ran the same test on my 390 at stock and got a 7.2. That doesn't seem to be on par to me. What am I missing here?
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