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All LED's
I see the most gold with ambient lighting. Any lights on inside the case starts to white it out. I tried an amber light inside the photon tube but it doesn't even show. I would like to try the gold boost but the only place to buy in the US is out.I may switch it up and try going grey/silver instead.
It's a ton of fun. Are you going to do bends? If so I can pass on my experience if you wish. 13mm OD or 16mm OD. I used the 16mm my self. Thought the 13mm seemed a bit thin. I think the 13mm is easier to bend though.
His doesn't really match the rest of the build either, He has an ROG mobo and a white S5 but believe it or not it still looks really nice. I will snap some pics as soon as I can of the build.
Thanks. I guess amber lighting it is. You can see gold without any lights at all. I need my motherboard. Mayhems does make a gold booster but PPCS is out right now.
So maybe amber lights?
There is something missing. I was hoping the Aurora gold was more gold. There has to be something I can add to bring out the gold.
Filled with Aurora Gold. It looks white just like I thought it would. Really was hoping it would come out more gold. Oh well it's not horrible I guess.
I got the Aurora Hydra Gold. It loots too white just like I thought. I guess I will be buying same concentrate to get more gold or I will have to buy all amber LED's. By the way, I got my Cannon T3i back so the picks should improve.
Check here -
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