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cloLOL and JackCY have been added. Welcome to the club !!! Could you possibly post pics of your cards for the rest of the members to see? Thanks, DD
Thanks !! Nice card.
I am a bit late on this but the 270 is about the same as a 7850 and a 270x is a rebranded 7870. I would guess 270x, there are slight differences but you get the picture.
I will add you but could you post a picture and let me know if it's a DC II or not please. Welcome !!!
I run afterburner but if you have an Asus card the Asus version bay be better, I don't know for sure.
I have been thinking about all of the issues folks are having with clocks reporting correctly on overclocking software and benchmarks. It seems that every GPU thread has the same thing, post after post about clocks not reporting correctly or changing to stock plus many other issues along that line. Every monitoring software like GPU-Z or HWinfo64 and every benchmark like Futruemark ones or Unigen auto detect your hardware and settings with a system info file of there own....
1500 Mhz memory is very high for a 270x, I would run it lower, like at 1450 and concentrate on the core clock. You will not notice much performance for change from1450 to 1500 anyhow.
Screws on the bottom
SRICE4904 has been added, Welcome!!!
Going with the Razor does end up cheaper and I actually like the look, I do like the look of the Komodo and Apogee block a bit better though but I don't think a bit better justifies the extra cost.I am not a big fan of EK water-block's. I don't mean the quality but the looks. I just think they are kinda' bland and unexciting. The outside of my case I want smooth and clean, grew up a bit from the C70 days, the inside I want to POP. Some think the exact opposite or that the...
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