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290x Yeah!!!
You have been added, Welcome!!!
I like it. I still have to get the lighting right and get my camera back from my stepson, the pics are crappy.
Cool.Love the avatar - Skittles and Arizona brings the Superbowl to mind. Go Hawks!!!
Let me know about the 4790k if you would. I don't know for sure but if it so happens I am ready I would snap it up in a heart beat.Angle grinders are awesome.
Love the gold. How big is the mobo you're sticking in there?
I here ya. How are my old friends in the C70 club. This is what happens when I get board, Changed the whole color scheme of the 750D.
Got the 3258 back under water and comfortably cold in it's new home.
Traded in for Intel, it's kid of a long story but I never ended up going with X99 like I was supposed to and by that time the 8350 was gone. I will be upgrading soon to a 4690k or 4790k soon though but for now the G3258 is fun to play with.
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