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Depending on the motherboard you can fit up too a 60mm rad on top, I have only seen one that fit without an offset and that was by Tiny Tom Logan. I have a 45mm with a Z97 and it looks to have about 10mm clearance. The best fit if your looking to get the max thickness is 56mm. I know at least one manufacturer makes a 360mm x 56mm.I don't think 3 x 120mm in the front is possible.
I got this to review... what the hell? This thing isn't just a mouse pad, it's a desk cover. I love it. The thread looks sleepy so I thought I would shake it awake. [[SPOILER]]
I would start by checking out the Intel CPU Overclocking thread and the watercooling thread. You will find lots of info and help in the proper thread.Nice set-up by the way. It's hard to believe you haven't overclocked yet.
Buehlar my man, I am extremely impressed. I have most definitely seen a progression in your work from build to build. Keep up the great work !!!
For 2 290's and an 8350 if you overclock at all I would get a 1000w PSU. I like Seasonic myself, the SS 1050 xp3 is a super nice unit.For a bit less the RM 1000 is nice, it's only gold rated but would be easily good enough. I also have heard some good things abut the EVGA Supernova's.
I recently had my 290 go bad. I deleted the amd drivers but had to download the GPU driver for my 4690k to make it work. I had no need to install the graphics driver before so it wasn't. Try to boot in safe mode if you can and try this.
So what do you guys think Corsair Bulldog is?
Corsair takes orders to Europe also.
All I used was the LAN driver to connect and then when to the Asus sight and downloaded updated drivers. If you plan on any overclocking or even stretching the 4790k's legs a bit I would go with the Z97-pro. It has a 12 phase power delivery where the Z97-A has only 8, plus the heat sinks look so much better and on top of that it is a bit more feature packed. I know on average it's $40 more but you can find deals and $40 is well worth it anyway.
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