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Means that its not a problem of any hardware ? And the performance is crossfire performance but just the 3rd slot of GPU fan doesn't work in order to save power .Correct me if I'm wrong .
guys , i had installed 2 gigabyte 7770 on my desktop with a Asus Sabertooth 990fx with AMD fx6100 @ 4.71 ghz and a Corsair H100 .My PSu is CM silent pro gold 1000w . I found that my second graphic card which located at third slot , its working properly until my desktop boots into windows . After boots into windows , the graphic card's fan had stop working . I tried to change the power cable and switch position of GPU , but its still the same . at 3rd slot ( second GPU) ...
Code: import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; public class ButtonGUI extends JFrame implements ActionListener{ private JButton button1; private JButton button2; public ButtonGUI(String title){ buildGUI(); setTitle(title); pack(); setVisible(true); } public void buildGUI(){ Container contentPane = getContentPane(); contentPane.setLayout(new BorderLayout()); button1 =...
What to fill in the attribute place ? and what value i have beside the methods ? Question > Suppose you have an Object A , with a public methods a() , b() , and private method c() . And suppose you have a subclass of A named B wth methods named b(), c() , and d() . Draw a UML diagram showing the relationship between these two classed . Explain the inheritance relationship between them and identify the methods that would be considered polymorphic . Any idea ?
AMD had just officially launch their piledriver on 17th OCT . But as i know it only available in US . When will it available in other country ?
I had done with it and its works ! Thank you so much !
then what should i type to let it print out ? system.print.ln (m-n ??)
thank you so much ! i appreciate it !Did you know how to overrides method ?the words "get" cant use
Sorry , the question asked to name like this . LOL .err , i wrote public class B extends C , but its show me syntax error .
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