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I just bought MSI 7870 Twin Frozr, still didn't tested the card yet due too busy with my assignment. I found most 7870 user able to oc around 1200Mhz. Will try my luck this weekend, see how far my card can go. Anyway, is it possible to flash 7870 Hawk bios into my card?
Yeah i also think the same. I was going to buy 7950 but its too damn expensive.. Anyway here's the model: it has the dual bios switch..
Hey guys. Many seller at my place having a clearance stock for Sapphire 6950 2GB ref. @ MYR429($140), but the warranty has been reduced to 1-year. Do you think its a good buy? Currently using 5770.
This case looks really awesome. This could be my next case. Anyway i wonder if NH-D14 will fit in this case.
Guys, do you think D-14 could keep up with the dissipated heat from a tec? lets say im using 80.1w rated tec.
I've been planning in getting GTX 670(besides 7950) from early this year actually . But I can wait until April 2013. 700 series should come out next year right?
GTX 670 PE = MYR1415 = $456Jetstream = MYR1299 = $419As for the reference card, both cost around $328. I could get it cheaper from Newegg since its already available here in Malaysia. But its hard to claim warranty as i need to send it back to U.S if anything happens.
Hi guys, is GTX 670 Jetstream 2GB a good choice? I know about the fan noise but its the cheapest GTX 670 i can get here in my place. MSI GTX 670 Pe is available too but its way out of my budget. My last option is Palit & Leadtek but it's the reference version. From what i read, the Jetstream also used reference PCB right? How high can i oc with that unit? Any Jetstream user can share some experience? Thx in advance.
Dude, 1.52v for 4.5Ghz? Even my bad chip need 1.3v. Start vcore with 1.2 and see how it goes.
All the best for your plan bro. I've been searching if any people done that, but most of them are running custom loop. Alrite 7950 it is. That's what bother me actually about pro, hard to clean. But i think ultra is okay for me, 20c is a huge drop.
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