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Less than a yearNow it's double clicking on both left and right clicksAnd the middle click is hard and sometimes not working..So , yeaBuild quality is horrible...
Ok,How about the VRAM voltage ?
I tried to use unofficial overclock to control the voltage and decrease it in order to decrease the temps (not to overclock).VRM temps are almost always 10 degrees less (not more) than the core voltageBut the VRM is the Voltage Regulator Module , i do not want to know the temps of the VRM , I want to know the temps of the VRAM : Video RAM instead, to be able to monitor my Memory overclock.
Who said anything about scaling 3 780
Oh...Where is its market then?
iChill GeForce GTX 780 HerculeZ X3 Ultra iChill GeForce GTX 780 Accelero Hybrid I do not understand why those cards aren't getting any attention?
I have recently tried to overclock my cards. Using MSI AB Simply incrementing and checking for stability using short kombustor GPU burn-in test. My max voltage regardless of the overclock is 1.256 on all 3 cards. I did try to edit the MSI config file to allow voltage control and also allow it in the settings but the mV slider won't move. I wat at first trying to decrease the voltage to decrease the heat , but when i failed to do so (due to my limited knowledge) i tried to...
After motherboard replacement the system is up and running for a while now. Regarding the grounding issue. I did some shorted some noobish wire from the PSU metal handle to the ground which shall do the job for now , until i get a decent electrician and finish my grad project. Thanks for the support
I do not know most of those applications Any way.So basically you are saying to go Radon HD but with different drivers ?Did i get that correct ?
ok , will consider it.I was told about the before ,Do you have any charts regarding that ?
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