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Does anyone know how to make vid mod on pentium dual core e6500-e6600? (wolfdale 45nm) Default vcore is 1.275-1.296
Great news i have fried my 6670!!! Cranked memory to 1.79v and 1300mhz (5200mhz DDR5)!!!!! No big deal it was my backup card,primary is "powercolor hd6870" Sorry for bad english it's not my natural language...Greetings from Serbia... I still have good old 8800gtx as backup
Thanks but it looks difficult for me and i'm not expert for soldering
Thanks for help...If you find a possible pencil mod for GPU let me know.
So for memory should be R713?
I have a crap digital camera for that stuff,sorry...
Its like red one (blue) and numbers are: 1 - NEXSEM NX2422 CM1024 2 - FP6329 61121 15310 3 - HB125 17Kg4 A4ZE 4 - EM5103 BDH0606 5 - same as number 4 6 - Pm25LD010 CE1124 HNF-4THG or 6 not sure:rolleyes:
Is there any pencil mod for sapphire hd6670 1gb gddr5? vGpu if is possible...
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