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Awesome work on the side window Jesse! Got some new numbers in on the cooling system. Keeping in mind this is while gaming, GPU #1 19 degrees C, GPU #2 20 degress C and the hottest core on the Cpu was sitting at 32 degrees C. Pretty happy with the numbers! Looking toi get started on OC'ing soon. Things have been crazy with a move and hopefully a new job. Will be back to the boards more frequently soon I hope
Well final update... I got everything finished. Moved into a house and unfortunately was not smart enough to takes pics on what im sure was the last nice day of the year. I will have to wait and hope for another nice day that I can take it outside and snap some pics. The lighting in the house is poor at best. Thanks to all of those who followed this thread and had a hand in it in some form or fashion. Couldn't have asked for a better performing machine. My graphics cards...
NZXT Switch 810. Newegg has the white and black versions on sale for 129 bucks with free shipping
Thanks guys! I was kind of worried it would come out looking like poo. Jesse, yeah I bought the pre-cut for the small sleeve. I cut my own for the sata cables. I also got my parts in for the WC drain plug so that will be going in today
Got the rest of my MDPC order in and finished up the first pci cable. I think it cam out awesome for my first time sleeving.
The klipsh pro media setup is aweso3. If you can get them for under a hundred that is a steal. I would be all over those like white on a napkin. Definitely an awesome bang for that kind of buck
It wont hurt anything, but you don't get any added benefit to both. If she has extra pt nuke use that and save the coin from buying the kill coil
I run distilled and a kill coil. There should not be a need to use both a coil and pt nuke. Most use one or the other. As for dye, depending on the maker, you may not need any additive as some have them premixed.
They are cheap, replace them!
No war of words necessary Even with the bottom or top rad in exhaust, you are going to have dust. If taking the cover off and spending 10 minutes to clean your case out is an issue, I would suggest a new hobby as that is expected. You are correct, it may only equal a few degrees, but why spend the money on a loop to inherently cripple it for no good reason. Just my $.02.Edit: you are correct that part of the decision lies on where the case will be located. As you...
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