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Darlene, somehow you have managed to hide this build log from me! Amazing work as to be expected from the IT DIVA
I talk with kpoeticg outside of ocn on occasion, he's fine just recovering from a spell of bad luck with broken parts and leaks etc etc.
I think you deserve some free Asus t-shirts for your pain
Looking good, get those cables cleaned up Great mod!
Well considering in less than six months (hopefully) I will be riding one of these (undecided on colour, I like black but my favourite colour is blue and it's very striking)
I like blue
Knee is fine now, was only a twingey muscle for half a week Ankle still giving me a lot of crap, gradually improving but hurts when twisted etc.
Knee down next time, just caught me out really cause I hadn't been on that particular road before. New exhaust is fantastically loud
Guess who's back on the road! Before, lookin all shiny after a wash After, just finished building her back up. Still a few bits I need, new rim tape for new wheel, new bar ends.
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