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Being that I've never had anything more than 60Hz LCDs I've never spoiled the experience
I forgot how nice your build was now you have complimented it with some decent photos.
8/10, biased because I like golfs. Was in Bristol the other week (point and click from GS4)
And how much debt would one be in if they were to purchase it from you?
The little exiges push out less than 200hp, but then they do weigh less than a tonne and handle like a dream...
The usual sight at dad's work
There's a few over in the UK, but I guess the are British cars. Saw this one on my lunch hour the other week.
The guy at the MOT station looked at the car and said "Is it worth me even putting it on the ramp"?Everything is pretty much brand new on the car.
UPDATE: Fixed this, managed to get the above part from a repair shop and fit it myself, working perfect now!
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