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UPDATE: Fixed this, managed to get the above part from a repair shop and fit it myself, working perfect now!
I've done a little rooting around on the web some people claim replacing the charging port pcb does the trick. I think i'll order one and give it a go.
Any way to sort this? I've just tried a colleagues S4 battery in my phone, same error comes up so that eliminates the battery. Is there a PCB I can replace?
Hi chaps, Last night my phone started bringing up the pictured prompt, and isn't taking any charge. I've tried an overnight battery pull etc. I downloaded a battery monitor app to see what the temperature was that it's reporting. Reporting anywhere between - 25C and - 8C which is clearly bull. Any idea what this could be?
What're you going to do with that big empty space at the top James?
I bought it on release after hammering out so many hours in DayZ Mod.No its not worth buying at this point.Worse spent £20 ever.Give it a year though... Then maybe...
I'll be more impressed with DayZ running 60fps at 4K
@akira749 Try using a long shutter speed to capture more Light?
Whilst we're on cars; The Lotus Esprit V8 that my dad (and I, to some extent) had been restoring finally went for its MOT and test drive by the owner. This was a full restoration, and was in the workshop for just over a year due to part sourcing etc.
Every Parvum build I sub to makes me wish they would drop an ATX case on us! Make it happen guys! Until that time, sub.
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