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@Saltyballz08 H105i should fit fine on the 280mm rad.
Never played a mass effect game.
I really like your approach on the GPU cables! Great work Chris.
A friend of mine said it was: "Better than Halo, probably" Whatever that's supposed to mean. She is a girl though so
That tape though...
What are you talking about Sammy?Thanks for the feedback everyone I think I'll go for it
Worth the price you think guys? Also did this to my desk area today. I think it looks snazzy and saves me having the big light on. What do you fellas think? Think I'll also redo my pc with these. They're much better than the old ones.
So tell me fellas. Do I or don't I?
Beat me to it buddy.I think those temps are fine for a 5ghz push on air, you want any more then you're going to have to invest in some liquid cooling.On a side note I passed two more exams today:Microsoft (MTA) Server Administration FundamentalsAndHewlett Packard (HP ATA) Connected DevicesOfficially MS and HP certified now!
Those temps are quite pathetic for a giant noctua heatsink. As@Dire Squirrel said reseat the sink with fresh TIM
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