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He used to email me a bit,I dropped him one the other day, not heard anything.
His names Matt hahahaha
Who's Kevin?
It's all about aesthetics
There wasn't one. Next prize was 5K
Welcome to OCN and the HAF XB Club chaps.@wtd03:1. Members here are usually taking a dremel to the top of the case and removing the hump, then some straightforward perspex with some mounting holes drilled, maybe some U Channel to clean it up.2. Any website selling PC accessories, hell, even amazon or ebay wont take much searching to find what you want.@Delta42:@vaporizer has stacked two XBs. See below. Drop him a PM maybe to discuss what hes done to make it possible.
Loved breaking bad, I knew better call saul was launching but kinda forgot about it. I'll find it online somewhere and give it a watch
speaking of rubber just got a new year tyre fitted after seeing that mine was barely, barely legal, and wasn't doing me any favours since its the tyre that came with the bike out of the factory.£60 including fitting from Geoff Westerby's (a garage behind where I bought my bike)Thought that was a bargain, especially seeing as the tyre alone cost upwards of 50 pounds online and he fitted it whilst I waited/watched.Loads of tread to play with now You got any stats to back...
7/10 focus is good but people in the background and other car are distracting Panorama from my old GS4. Haven't had chance to test my Nexus 6 camera properly yet
Darlene, somehow you have managed to hide this build log from me! Amazing work as to be expected from the IT DIVA
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