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Not entirely sure how this will handle, from what I read online it will deliver reasonable power. So long as I can have comfortable listening levels then it wasn't a failure
Just make sure that PS3 doesn't fling off the seat
Depends on the size of your backpack
My dad will be helping me with the parts I don't know, like following the circuit diagrams
Thanks bud! In short the plan is to tear down the above radio/amp (donor) to the individual components, build an aluminium chassis and take some components from the donor radio/amp, such as the main and sound output transformers, the sound output and rectifier valves, potentiometers, mount them to the chassis, buy all new resistors and capacitors (as seen on the underside of the donor) and wire the thing up with the inputs and outputs I desire. I intend to have a clean...
I know I know I updated my amp thread!
So, I arrived at my dad's and the first thing I do is pull out the donor radio and take some photos for you guys Quality will be *meh* as I am just taking photos on the table with sunlight streaming through the window. Posting to you from my dad's awfully slow laptop, jeez my phone is quicker than this! Some overview shots Quick snaps of the undercarriage. Pristine Mullard EL84! What I like to see I had no idea on the condition of the donor radio and its...
I'll wait for fresh fruits
Photos are nice too
DAYUM that's a tight fit (that's what she said ) Glad you got it fitted though! Hope the end of the card cooler isn't restricting the rad too much.
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