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Pay out cash His brother was stripping his PC to sell, he also has a Corsair RM1000 for sale along with 3x Saphire 7970s quite cheap
Pretty sure corsair have a 5 year warranty on their hydro series coolers.My H100 is still running perfectly.
So my manager at work wafted some pc parts under my nose and I couldn't help myself but buy them from him! Got two sticks of Corsair XMS3 4GB @ 2000MHz bringing me up to 16GB Here it is alongside my Corsair Vengeance, And this Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5, beautiful board and I think it fits my build a bit better with less bright blue heatsinks unlike my Asus M5A97. Got the ram, the board and a crappy Sempron chip that was on the board for £90 which was a bargain,...
For sale: High End Corsair power supply unit, 1000 watt certified 80 plus gold. Selling due to selling entire rig piece by piece. Shipping to UK mainland only, shipping is included in the price. Postage: Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm (Tracked, insured, £26.60) Obviously if the buyer collects the price will reduce due to no shipping costs, PSU is in Bradford area. Any questions, send me a PM! EDIT: Forgot to add the date initially, so took an extra photo...
If anyone is "biatching" here it's you. We all have a right to our opinions and none of us force it upon anyone else.
Bah. My eyes burn.
Looking mighty fine with that sleeving Gambi
I thought you weren't going to airbrush this case?
This, we already know you're doing a warfare themed build, we don't need rifle shaped RAM to reinforce that.Go with the Patriot, it's colours match the build better.
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