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Oh dear... Meanwhile I'm sunning myself in France!
So this happened last night whilst driving. Although bad, I'm lucky that the other link didn't break too....
Good to see you back Chris,
Gambi a Dub is like an English slang term for VW derived from saying" VeeDoubleU" to "VeeDub" to "Dub" I guess
A big thing for me is to not get another single thumper. I hate the noise.I'll be popping on a akrapovic exhaust on the R3 when I get it, without doubt
That's a 125 though, I'm after an A2 legal bike next (47hp or less) Edit: or the link is for the 125 The rc390 costs way more, is a single cylinder with an odd power delivery, and I prefer the looks of the R3 Edit: plus I just saw the front end of the ktm. Only a mother could love that face...
hopefully not too many bad habits.Then its R3 time!!!
Nah she's not my girlfriend. My girlfriend won't learn to ride. @taowulf she's major trouble.... @welshy46 theory booked in for 7th may then lessons and tests. I'm angling for the new Yamaha R3
Not far off, CBR500R, GN125, C90 (125 pit bike engine), apache, mine, another apache and a 2011 CBR125R
@welshy46 Going fine welshy, rocking close to 8K miles on the clock now (bought with under 2k) Was out for a ride with the ever growing riding group yesterday. One of the lads supermoto got nicked yesterday and within 14 hours some lads from the group got together and actually hunted the ****ebags down and recovered it. All it needs is a new ignition barrel and number plate. All packed into a slot once we got to cow and calf. Can you name all the bikes? They said I'd...
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