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You need to take more notice of those "Handle with care" stickers.Autocorrect on my phone fu##ing with meDonating for a (good) price When I do a full rebuild it will be some extravagant Intel chip and probably just 2 GPUs cause you know.... Scaling, Price/Performance etc etc etc.
It's going to be a challenge for me when I get mine fully watercooled. I don't like mess.
I can't wait till ~2016 when I do a full rebuild and get to make all these decisions with a 2/3K budget Edit: Counteracting autocorrect.
You can do a pretty good watercooling set up in an unmodded HAF XB
looking sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet
congrats on winning!
Just remember Matt. Ditch the HAF XB and you're never welcome in the XB club again and shall be forever known as an outlaw
I've got an i486 sat on my shelf.
Soon..... And after this: custom loop in my HAF. Lots of fun coming up for me.
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