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I've got that same Kingston USB stick PC? Barely switch mine on these days - all about the motorbike haha. It's coming back from the garage with fully custom fabricated free-flow exhuast pipes made to fit into my akrapovic silencer. If you hear any thunder don't worry it's just my new pipes
Thats the standard exhaust, sounds okay but I've ordered this:
So what's going on with you guys?? I passed my category A2 full motorcycle license and got a new bigger motorbike on Monday! Loving it....
Electric short
I water cooled one but think I only booted it once!
Thought you guys might appreciate this. Customer sent her pc in today with this taped to it
But.... When?
Any sign of Egami?
Any sign of OP? Edit: 10,000 posts!
Alphacool T- PieceI bought some standard sleeving and rewired the plug
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