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I love my CM Storm QuickFire TK
Would have liked the work to have been done before I got the bike.At least the exhaust didn't blow when I was commuting to Manchester.Rvs exhaust?
No it's Bradford Motorcycles, just off Canal Road. Bike is sorted out now, welded, cleaned and painted. No charge, as I'd expect seeing as it should have been pointed out and fixed before they sold it to me. Now I just need some new mirrors because the ball and cup joint on my left hand mirror has given up and it just flops around aimlessly. Sigh.
Rode it back into the garage I bought it from. lucky I only work a mile down one road from it.Tim: Hey Will you alright?Moi: No, my exhaust has fallen off.Tim: .... Fallen off?Me: It's very much in two pieces, come take a look.It's in there now, being welded up. It's fully cracked all the way round, sounds like a tanks when I rode it.I'm going to pop the question of how long it will last before more repairs or replacement and save up for a new exhaust.Luckily these issues...
Lol bike was back in garage today, exhaust has suddenly become very much 2 pieces this morning, lost power and making a lot of noise. Sorry potato quality.
Never got chance to record them. Once I finished this project it got put on the shelf and forgotten about. Never really liked Linux much anyway
Well spoken!What are you playing at @cpachris?
@CM Felinni I want to see an mITX HAF XB
Bike was in and out of the garage today, right hand fork shock seal was degraded, pissing oil up my shock. Also my clutch issue was persistent. Both jobs sorted, no charge (these issues should have been sorted before the sold me the bike) Happy Will. Although this weather is no fun.
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