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Here is a test with my GS4 camera, less static but the quality is still meh. Let me know what you think!
This spells good news to me, hows testing going?
It's quiet in here. It shouldn't be this quiet!
I've just been trying to record a test video with my bridge camera. the sound is coming through alright but there is a horrible noise, almost like a static on playback, maybe coming from the camera itself? Here is a 30 second snippet from the first video. I'm going to try with my phones camera and see if that is any better in the mean time Here are a couple photos from the test setup, (yes this in in my bedroom)
Nice fit on that case in the furniture!
Yeah as you said, the hot stuff is upstairs.The transformers only get moderately warm to the touch, it's the valves that will really burn when you touch them after a while of being used.
Yeah it's a real pain, my cable tidying itch was going crazy, but you have to keep wires short and direct to prevent hum and interference etc. Looking forward to plugging the into the Wharfedales when I get home
Well it was a long day of working on the amp yesterday. I intended to post this update last night but it was 11:30pm when I gave up and went to bed. I got the entire amp wired up, switched it on.... No smoke, fire, sparks. Okay that's good. The valves warm up nicely and a horrendous hum develops. Ahhh @#*@*##*! After plenty head scratching I disconnected the base and treble pots, and used a single ECC83 to the volume controls. Less of a hum, that's good. Not good...
Depending on what fluid you chose, maybe you could get that little brushed disk painted pink. If you are using pink fluid however I think it should go black.
I would have thought all standardised PSUs had the same WxH, or how else would they fit in the slot?
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