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No excuses!I find myself arriving 45 minutes early actually, now I can judge if I have time to go for a cheeky bite to eat before 9am start.I bought it from the shop I got the bike from, they have a good selection of clothing and accessories, and I have a lifetime 10% discount because I bought my bike there.The mounting plate us very sturdy, I simply bolted it in where my clutch lever housing attaches to the bars. The plate has a slight bend (as standard) to keep it...
Got my clock! I think it looks pretty good, works well.
With supplier or manufacturer?
Hi chaps, I'm looking for a tool that will show me exactly what programs/services are using how much memory, task manager never seems to show me everything really, at least in one place. Any suggestions?
I am yet to even get her on it properly yet, trying to teach her how to ride
Eyup Mike.
Back into second place.
Got a screamer already, my girlfriend. wait.I paid 30 quid for my oxford screamer and I use it religiouslyi ordered the rim tape
oo, it's getting personal
Voted for you Gambi
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