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Bought a Kinect-less Xbox One a few days ago, along with 4 games that came with it. Forza 5, Forza Horizon 2, Destiny, and Assasin's Creed: Black Flag. All for $549 AUD. Turning on the Xbone and going through the setup process was fine, until I had to update it. About a minute into the update, it started producing a loud coil whine. This is apparent whenever I'm on the dashboard, or in any apps. After reading through numerous threads, it was apparent that the October...
that feel when... this was just in a regular deathmatch. Turns out it was minimal wear, and the guy was blocking everyone who added him xD
So with NiP coming off a vacation, then losing to Titan, I think LDLC has a pretty good chance at winning this. Plus, LDLC won against Bezerk - an easy win, but still boosts morale. Small bet on LDLC, because I don't want to lose my Asiimov
Are you Australian? I played against the Microsoft ___ gang before.
Messing around during school today ended in..
Are you looking forward to CSGOLoot?
Mind if i add you on Steam? I just purchased a $20 Steam wallet and don't know where to go.Kind of in a rut right now, just lost a $16 pistol and on a 3 game losing streak. Yay me.
If anyone remembers a few pages back i was talking about my stattrak p250 undertow, well i just lost it betting on the ESG and dAT game. Bloody Russians
Also, is there a thread on for CSGO skin developing?
Agreed.Have you been reading 'T3HK4T's posts on the CSGO Betting subreddit? He has been bang on lately and he mentioned that this was a very risky game to be betting on.
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