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that feel when... this was just in a regular deathmatch. Turns out it was minimal wear, and the guy was blocking everyone who added him xD
So with NiP coming off a vacation, then losing to Titan, I think LDLC has a pretty good chance at winning this. Plus, LDLC won against Bezerk - an easy win, but still boosts morale. Small bet on LDLC, because I don't want to lose my Asiimov
Are you Australian? I played against the Microsoft ___ gang before.
Messing around during school today ended in..
Are you looking forward to CSGOLoot?
Mind if i add you on Steam? I just purchased a $20 Steam wallet and don't know where to go.Kind of in a rut right now, just lost a $16 pistol and on a 3 game losing streak. Yay me.
If anyone remembers a few pages back i was talking about my stattrak p250 undertow, well i just lost it betting on the ESG and dAT game. Bloody Russians
Also, is there a thread on for CSGO skin developing?
Agreed.Have you been reading 'T3HK4T's posts on the CSGO Betting subreddit? He has been bang on lately and he mentioned that this was a very risky game to be betting on.
did the demos not save in gotv?
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