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Are you looking forward to CSGOLoot?
Mind if i add you on Steam? I just purchased a $20 Steam wallet and don't know where to go.Kind of in a rut right now, just lost a $16 pistol and on a 3 game losing streak. Yay me.
If anyone remembers a few pages back i was talking about my stattrak p250 undertow, well i just lost it betting on the ESG and dAT game. Bloody Russians
Also, is there a thread on for CSGO skin developing?
Agreed.Have you been reading 'T3HK4T's posts on the CSGO Betting subreddit? He has been bang on lately and he mentioned that this was a very risky game to be betting on.
did the demos not save in gotv?
lol @ epsilon's win
Anyone planning on getting these beauties?
So I just traded my 5 keys and a few cases for a Field Tested P250 Undertow Stattrak. I don't know why he traded, because he was losing about $3-$4. The pistol is worth $18 w/ tax. So I'm trying to trade it and it seems that no-one wants it. I guess I understand why the guy was so eager to get rid of it. I'm not sure if I should sell it ($18 -15% is like $15) and make 2.50 and buy another set of keys and continue trading, or just try and trade it.
Nice video, a few helpful tips for the future:If you're using Sony Vegas, which I think you are, right click on your video and go to Properties. Check 'Disable Resample' toward the bottom of the tab. (It's been a while might be a little off)But once you've done that - and do it to all your video layers - it will get rid of the 'ghosting' effect, or the blurriness. Unless you want that. Up to you.
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