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[[SPOILER]] Discuss.
Im Aussie and would like either of them.. could you possibly unlock them? ty
Currently have a Belkin N300.
Thanks, I know my first post was brief, it was just to get someone talking in here. Basically, in a worst case scenario (most weekends) we have about 6 computers connected wirelessly, aswell as about 4 mobile devices. 2-3 of the computers connected would either be watching HD videos (YouTube) or online gaming. The other devices would be checking emails, visiting sales websites etc. (Parents) None of us have access to wired connection, as our router is too far from our...
Hey guys, Just wondering if a more expensive router could handle more clients compared to a cheaper (lowest of low budget) when it comes to ping and bandwidth. Ta.
Going to try this out soon, I'm Australian so hopefully i don't get too much lag..
The 700x's are $199,
Lowest I've ever seen them go is $199, so yeah thats the average around here.EDIT: I need an answer real quick guys, im about to leave.
Im Australian, so $200.
I need to know quickly if HD558's are worth buying? About to get them.
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