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I got a reply from him over on EVGA forum.
lol ill sell you mine when i upgrade. they clock pretty good. i have the air coolers also and the 4 way waterblock bridge for the hydro copper blocks
pretty much. 3 way sli and there still running strong lol
i used break away razor knives before. did 2 3770k's with them and zero issues with them. not even a scratch. best way i found is gently start at the corners then do the sides a very little bit at a time. the breakaways were good to handle as well.
I am still on EVGA GTX580 classified ultra hydro coppers. Does that count for anything? LOL
thank you for that link. It seems from frozenq website he does with with Lazerwerx. There might be hope yet. Thank you
Id like to use a company with in the US if possible. Less chance of damage in shipping.
Those look like already made cases. I need one completly custom to my design.
I am trying to contact a man named Kirk from Lazerwerx who built my current case but not sure it is going to happen. I do not believe there is anyone else who can make a acrylic case like him but i could be mistake. Anyone on here build 1 off custom cases? This is the person i am trying to reach and if you see this Kirk PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK. Super important as i have a project i need to build which i can give you details on. Pics of my current...
nice congrats on the goal. i need to get some new gear and start making submissions again. has been way to long.
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