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Vi0lence.---- i7 3770k--- gtx 580 tri sli--- 11222---
if you will sell one stick i would purchase just one. i have 3 here. if i had a 4th i could run them on my setup i have now. let me know how much for just one shipped. and i bought the 3 i have from you. lol
man i want these! hopefully they are there friday. i need one more stick lol
idk but if you figure something out let me know. i tried 10 times to submit a aquamark score and gave up. unreal with that message.
cpu on air or water?
firestrike extreme with 3 580's and 3770k
congrats man thats a nice score and clocks.
i just did a few more submissions and firestrike extreme was one of them. got some nice points from it. getting some points built up finally. 115 total as of right now.
thats a 3 way board.
link? i could not find one 4 way board in stock last night and i looked for over an hour
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