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ok so that everybody usderstands i don't plan on using a regular air cooler to cool my oil. all the setups i have seen so far just use a radiator and fans that would not be any better than regular air cooling i want subzero temps on my return line that will spray directly on to the stock heatsink and fan with a TEC under that. I made a simple drawing that explains what i plan. Thanks for all the input i plan on doing several test with TEC's and oil if this project works...
ok it's not called florine it's called fluorinert made by 3M used in cpu manufacturing here is a link Holy Crap i finaly found some for sale at 300 to 1500 per gallon They can keep it I have a refrigeration licens so im going to make a freon chiller to cool mineral oil
That's nice to hear there is another liquid besides mineral oil i think it's called florine? not shure of the spelling or even where i can get it i do know that the millitary was testing it to see if humans could breath in it because it contains oxygen they did succeed with lab rats!
ya i was thinking about that i think it may need to be air tight as well mabey even charge with a little inert gas like dry nitrogen? but that would be quite a project. seeing im useing oil maby i could use a water seperator filter like a disel truck uses on it's fuel line
ok so i have a test i wan't to try i have just discoverd that you can drop a whole pc in mineral oil with out it complaining and mineral oil transfer heat 10 times better than air. I have always wanted to do a TEC cooler but was worried about moister getting to the motherboard. Mineral Oil should solve that problem mineral oil can be cooled well below freezing it doesn't get thick untill it hits below -10f. I plan to keep the oil around 40f with a external cooler...
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