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thats about the normal temp difference you have, i dont think that if you reapply it will make much difference, i dont think you will get them all the same one thing has to do with the layout of the die,another is that not all cores are always evenly active,some say, one core is the "sleepy core"
yes, the higher the % alcohol, the better, i use spiritus, thats about very well delidding voids warranty..simple
i think he means it not worth the money, time and effort, besides the extra risk of damaging the die, compared to the gains.. if all goes wel , and you have a 30+C tempdrop, using the IHS as before, what extra will it give you if you shave off another ..lets say 2- to 5C max..(if any) you prolly run into max vcore, before you run into TJmax..
over time all tim's will harden a bit, but what i saw and hear about CLU, it isnt that hard to remove like CLP..i have my CLP under there for about 6 months now, did all sides with it, so one of these days im gonna take it apart again,and see how hard it is to remove, then im gonna use CLU, and see how that works over time..i would only use clp/clu on the die,and use any good tim on the IHS, theres not much difference in temps when you use another tim on the IHS,and you...
yea, theres several peeps around here, that re applied CLU/CLP to get more even temps,normal difference is somewhere between 4 and 8C, anything above 12-14+C is to much,depends on the OC also..mine went down from about 15C hottest/coolest core difference to 4-6C differenceusing AS5, 4545mhz, 12C differenceusing CLP, 4545mhz, 6C differenceCLP, 5.0ghz, still 6C difference
if i remember right, ive used this pic myself a while ago,what you see here is clp/clu on aluminium, not on copper..youre right about the welding from CLP to the block, but it wont eat the copper
what drewfus says is right, i asked myself the same question, what OC would it take to get the cpu on 7.9 , i couldnt get it.. this is with 4.7ghz, so i doubt that the 7.9 you saw at stock , was correct ..
just had to share this one with you guys... funny
LOL...ooooh..i wont tell worries ..hahayea, only wanted to point out thats theres another way to get the batchnumber,except only on the box guess well know soon enough how eager he wants to join
Tadaaa ...LOL no gap if you remove the adhesive, and thats what you want to have, like dr/owned says
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