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Anyone found a proper review of this yet?
With an O-ring or two, it could be even faster. /Me wants
How balanced does it feel after you removed the batterty? More front-heavy now?
Where my MX310 homies at?!
I'm missing an option to vote for the MX310 shape.
Thanks for sharing. Good work. +rep
This! x playing FPS games since 1995, had 100+ mice in that time.... and the MX310 still is the best - by far - shape I've ever played with.I'd pay very good money for an MX310 with an updated sensor.
I would expect most, if not everyone, would feel the G402 to be snappier than the G400.
r0ach, where are you?
Both/either.And yes, I'm using 1600 DPI (to avoid the smoothing mentioned in other posts)I'm using 1600 on both mice, in fact. Just in hopes of eliminating further placebo effects.
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