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Trying a different PSU is definitely the next step. I'd also try removing each memory module in turn, leaving one and see if that helps stability. Even though they passed the memory test. I've had modules pass but still cause blue screens and such.
They definitely do! You need the NVIDIA Grid VIB.
Worked with the Tesla M6 in GPU pass through with ESXi. Works amazingly.
In! Thanks as always @pez
Those SG350XG's are so nice. Just picked up an SG300-52 for myself, can't afford anything more at the moment  
Very nice build. What's 10Gb switch are you running?
So you're jimphreak on /r/homelab huh...
This, Passmark is pretty much all that matters for Plex. Raw CPU power.
The DL80 Gen9 (bottom) now has FreeNAS on it and stores all my media.The DL380p Gen8 has ESXi on it and runs all my VMs. I'd like to get another at some point to form a two node cluster.
Hardware acceleration is really not worth it. Everyone I know who has tried it has gone back to software. Yes, it's quicker and uses less power but the end quality is noticeably reduced. Out of those two processors the 1090T would be better, slightly higher overall performance. It should handle a single 1080p 20Mbps transcode. Any more than that and it will struggle. RAM isn't that important, my Plex server never goes above 6GB, averaging around 4GB usage. 8GB is plenty.
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