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I want to better be able to pinpoint the direction of sounds in-game, like I can with my Turtle Beaches on Xbox- the gimmick seems to work quite well with those. For PC I'm using studio monitor headphones.
Is it best to use realtek, in-game options, or both to enable headphone virtualization? Is this too much to ask to add "insurance" to a computer I just spent over $300 fixing because of what may or may not have been voltage issues. The strip type units seem to be junky and unreliable and/or have insurance policies that aren't actually fulfilled, according to reviews. Also worried about brownouts considering my...
I have a Windows desktop.
Yes and no. Mostly, I've recently grown strong dislike for Windows and very positive feelings towards Apple software.
What about the pro models equipped with a Radeon R9?
Is that running a mac with Windows or running a Windows PC with a hacked Apple OS? From what I've researched making a Hackintosh is difficult and impractical.
I have a fairly powerful gaming rig but am considering replacing it with a supposedly more powerful macbook for convenience's sake as well as being frustrated with windows 10. Thing is, I actually play games with my current setup. How much power would I be losing by emulating Windows on a mac and playing windows games that way? Some of my games are fairly demanding and I don't want to miss out by switching. What are your thoughts on this device and its company? Are there any better generic portable consoles to emulate on(please no psp or psp-like consoles)?
1. What's your grip style? Claw mostly 2. What's your sensitivity? I haven't really played with high end mice, but I do like the dpi switch on the cheapie I'm using now . 3. What's your maximum budget? 35-$40 4. Do you want additional buttons? I want a dpi switch(maybe programmable) 5. What games do you play? Not much really. Every now and then, I'll play something I saw on Youtube or on Steam. However, I did just start playing Planetside 2(an mmo futuristic first...
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