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Posts by Noob1080 What are your thoughts on this device and its company? Are there any better generic portable consoles to emulate on(please no psp or psp-like consoles)?
1. What's your grip style? Claw mostly 2. What's your sensitivity? I haven't really played with high end mice, but I do like the dpi switch on the cheapie I'm using now . 3. What's your maximum budget? 35-$40 4. Do you want additional buttons? I want a dpi switch(maybe programmable) 5. What games do you play? Not much really. Every now and then, I'll play something I saw on Youtube or on Steam. However, I did just start playing Planetside 2(an mmo futuristic first...
I'm considering running vintage video games (NES, SNES, N64, Dreamcast) on a computer but can't really decide whether to run an emulator on my current computer or get a Rasberry Pi. I'd want another hard drive to store the games on my current computer so the cost for either is similar.
I'm considering purchasing Manga Studio 5, but am worried about the requirements, since at the moment my only computer at the moment is a low end HP laptop. The system requirements for the software specify a "2 GHz IntelĀ® PentiumĀ® 4 or equivalent". The computer I plan to use has a 1.4ghz Celeron 877 cpu. By comparing it to a similar Pentium 4 cpu( Pentium 4 506, 2.66ghz), I found that It is statistically inferior(lower specs) but has better performance(scored much better...
I don't have a current setup and have been using family member's computers. I don't plan to run anything more demanding than Minecraft.
Are the tiny incremental improvements in the Haswell-E and Broadwell CPUs worth the waiting time and money? Especially with the rumors of ridiculous prices on DDR4 ram and the X99 series motherboards?
So i'm planning a build in the somewhat- near future and noticed that the Z97 boards came out not long ago. Why were they released? What are the benefits over a Z87 motherboard? The prices on z87 boards went down a bit, should i consider those instead? FYI not planning to overclock
According to leaks, Windows 9 is coming late 2014 or early 2015.
I posted this here because i don't know where exactly it should go and this seems to be closest. I have an old Powermac G3 with a 100mhz cpu that seems to work fine by itself (though it's very slow and the one hard drive may have a virus- it had two but one had very old viruses and worms on it. I bought it used). Doesn't seem like I can get internet access with it. So what CAN i do with it? I Heard the cases are pretty good themselves
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