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Must have missed me.560ti SC Antec 620 25C idle and 56C peak
Thats excellent, Scott!If I ever build another small case machine (done 2 SG05's already) I think I will use this to do the cooling. Ideal for ITX boards and IB or Haswell CPU's that run well under 80W and sub 200W 6" GPU's like the GTX670.
Mine are 900MHz stock. I don't play with the memory because that does not seem to yield much benefit in game play. I think its just luck that some get chips that can and some don't. There is a little noticeable difference between 900MHz and 1050 but not really between 975 and 1050.Very nice... needs more duck tape, however. Mine has zip ties, duck tape, double-sided tape and sanding block foam so there is plenty of room for improvement.
I guess it depends on the version. My EVGA 560ti SC's easily go over 1GHz with a little extra juice. I'm guessing it depends on how good a chip you got and that is all down to luck of the draw.
Usually within about 5 seconds. IIRC, they were a bit noisier when turned on for the very first time but that settled down quickly too.
This is also my experience. A little "aquarium" noise at startup perhaps but the pump is drowned out by the idle speed of the fans and most of them are running just above startup voltages. My rads are level with the pump and hoses are on top so its not considered ideal either.
I will attest to the fact that Enermax's are not the best. They have a lower CFM and static pressure than many of the better fans. They look good and are cheap and quiet, however. They are also easy to clean as the blades are removable which is required for me to get to the rad in my kids' sg05s.
For those who are interested, it appears to be getting a 3DMark 11 of around P6700 or about 10% faster than a desktop GTX580. Not bad for a mobile card (especially for a TDP of sub 125W) but compared to desktops its a generation and a half late given that the new cards will appear in 3 or 4 months time. Of course, driver improvements may increase its performance somewhat. Still a beast for what it is, really.
That's almost as packed as my sons' SG05s! Did you use the 920s because you had them already? I would have thought a 620 would be sufficient for the GPU.
Well it should be better with 2 separate 920s as you have 2 double width rads instead of 1 and 2 fans. With an SFF case the luxury of space is not there, however. I guess it would also depend on the CPU used and whether it was OC'd or not.
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