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You sir, you sir = boss. Thanks for the quick answer
A question to FTW owner. I realized that there is a bios switch next to the 2x8pin. Which one to choose? Should the switch face the 2x8pin or the FTW RGB Leds?
Can someone quickly give me a tutorial how to flash bios on Pascal? Thanks, can't wait to brick my card
A few questions here. Is there any bios out there which is the best for overclocking? And imagine i flash my Gigabyte gtx1080 Xtreme gaming to FE or other AIB cards, will it mess up my fan setting from bios as well?
Hi gentleman, Finally got my Gigabyte GTX1080 Xtreme Gaming. Nice big and cool card, but I'm disappointed with overclock. Max stable linear overclock is around 2067-2101MHZ using 100% volt and 150% power slider. This card really can do 150 power, but how can I overclock to 2100-2200? I have noticed that some of you can hit 2150mhz+, but how? Btw, does flashing bioses change fan speeds or other things?
OMG gentleman. I found a way to bypass power limit and voltage in MSI afterburner. PL voltage can be increased up to 150% with the sliders. The program I'm using to bypass the slider limit is called Artmoney. I will post a tutorial very soon. Meanwhile you can take a look at this: Please start reading from: Bypassing the voltage limitation – the actual...
I solved the problems indeed. I send the Samsung back and bought the Asus MG279Q.
Hey guys, I recently bought myself a Samsung U28E590 Freesync monitor, but somehow freesync does not work. The R9 295X2 and windows 10 are supported right (i'm on CCC 15.7.1)? So i enables freesync in monitros OSD and from CCC, but cannot enable freesync in windmill demo (the option is greyed out). I tried BF4 and still screentearing when Vsync if off. Freesync doest even work when i lock FPS on the freesync range (which is 40-64 for Samsung). Anyone have solutions?
[quote Please do post the guide to remove 75c throttle limit i would love it and so would custom cooled cards................though that program artmoney can only ulter games, you would need to ulter the cards bios then reflash it for it to stick otherwise there would be no point.[/quote]Artmoney also works with other software including CCC or MSI afterburner or even Internet Explorer.I will post a tutorial very soon
Isn't that illegal? In my country you may loose a lot of money by posting fake things about high end expensive products.You'll win the lawsuit within seconds, which means "bye bye NVIDIA and GPUBOSS"
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