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OMG gentleman. I found a way to bypass power limit and voltage in MSI afterburner. PL voltage can be increased up to 150% with the sliders. The program I'm using to bypass the slider limit is called Artmoney. I will post a tutorial very soon. Meanwhile you can take a look at this: Please start reading from: Bypassing the voltage limitation – the actual...
I solved the problems indeed. I send the Samsung back and bought the Asus MG279Q.
Hey guys, I recently bought myself a Samsung U28E590 Freesync monitor, but somehow freesync does not work. The R9 295X2 and windows 10 are supported right (i'm on CCC 15.7.1)? So i enables freesync in monitros OSD and from CCC, but cannot enable freesync in windmill demo (the option is greyed out). I tried BF4 and still screentearing when Vsync if off. Freesync doest even work when i lock FPS on the freesync range (which is 40-64 for Samsung). Anyone have solutions?
[quote Please do post the guide to remove 75c throttle limit i would love it and so would custom cooled cards................though that program artmoney can only ulter games, you would need to ulter the cards bios then reflash it for it to stick otherwise there would be no point.[/quote]Artmoney also works with other software including CCC or MSI afterburner or even Internet Explorer.I will post a tutorial very soon
Isn't that illegal? In my country you may loose a lot of money by posting fake things about high end expensive products.You'll win the lawsuit within seconds, which means "bye bye NVIDIA and GPUBOSS"
One of my friends owns the Ares 3 and he indeed complained about ''single slot sagging super duper multi heavy GPU''His GPU is working perfect, and a little bit of sagging is not of a big deal. So no worries
But what about the guys with a custom loop?
WHAT IS THAT.....? WOW, those rads are bigger than your case. How are the temps of your setup, especially with this Noctua Industrial 3000rpm Btw guys, I think I found a way to raise the target temp (throttle temp) above 75C using AMD CCC and Artmoney 7.39, but I'm experimenting to make sure it's save before I post a little tutorial
single Seasonic SS-850AM^2 BRONZE 70Asingle SS-850HT SILVER 70Asingle SS-850EM SILVER 70Asingle SS-850KM^3 GOLD 70Asingle SS-1050XM GOLD 87Asingle SS-1250XM GOLD 104Asingle SS-860XP PLATINUM 71Asingle SS-1000XP PLATINUM 83A single SS-1050XP^3 PLATINUM 87Asingle SS-1200XP^3 PLATINUM 100A
I finally got my hands on the Club 3D R9 295X2, and installed it in my new PC. It looked fantastic for a few minutes before the AMD garbage horror just started. Code: Installed new 15.4 drivers and went straight into GTA and BF4, and gues what GPU usage stutter all over the place with frame rates lower than my R9 280X crossfire. So I went into CCC and tried to disable crossfire, but the crossfire disable option was disappeared, however GPUz showed crossfire enabled,...
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