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Hi gens I just testes my last FX9590 and this one does 1.475-1.488v for 5.01Ghz, and 1.584v for 5.113Ghz. This chip is really bad comparing to my other FX9590's. Somehow i hit a voltwall when overclocking 5Ghz+. This chip is even worser than than avarage FX8350's. It seems like AMD is using crap binned chips for FX9370/9590 as well, hu? I never had a golden chip in my life bevore, even afther buying 4 FX9590's for cherry pick-up. How is it possible some people do 24/7...
HiHi sir,You are my hero. God bless i can finally change memory voltage. Thanks soooo ******* mush.
The only AB version we can use is beta 19, and trix does not allow me to change any voltage, there is no AUX and memory voltage sliders aswell.
Thanks for the help sir, but the thing is that there is no memory voltage slider, only core voltage whish works pretty well up to 100+. I am even in able to higher or lower my voltage by 200+ or 200- with artmoney hack software. The only problem is that afterburner doesn't have AUX and memory sliders. Any solution for that? Thanks
Hi gens, I have a question about MSI R9 280X Gaming series. Do you guys know how to change memory voltage? I have tried alle overclocking ulities, but none gave acces tot the memory voltage. Is there any kind of way to change memory voltage via bios or something. These cards have 1.5v, but i want 1.6v like the old HD7970's Thankssssss
Hi gens, Testes my third FX9590. This one does 24/7 stable on 5.010Ghz 1.476v and 5.113Ghz 1.537v. Is this chip golden or silver?
Oke gens, I found a hack way to to bypass the MSI afterburner voltage slider. Now i can add +500 or -500 volts on the card. I will post soon how to do!
Hello people, I have a question about MSI afterburner beta 19. When i unlock my voltage MSI afterburner only allows my to put +100mv on the card, whish gives me 1.256v, but i need 1.3 for my overclock. Does anyone know how to extend the voltage slider in beta 19? BTW, this problem only happens to my R9 280X, but works perfext with the 290X. Please help1
Nope, it's not voltage locked. On stock volts it's not possible to hit even 1160mhz, but when i put on +100mv imget a stable 1220mhz, maybe even more. When i put volts on -100mv the card runs about 9C cooler. Btw, i also use multimeter, and voltage gets to 1.256-1.26 when overvolt. On stock it undervolts to 0.850v.So you know how to get 1.3v?
Hi gens, I bought myself two MSI R9 280X Gaming 3G. This thing is awesome and has new PCB comparing to older version (this one has wider PCB with 10VRMS). I'm actually very lucky it is not voltage locked, but the problem is that MSI afterburner (beta19) does not allow more than +100mv, whish gives me 1.256v and a stable 1220/1800. My question is; how can i get 1.3v on these cards, and how to change memory voltage? I remember that previous b├Ęta's allowed a tweak to the...
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