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the extra 24hz is only going to really benefit 3d..cause 3d is 60hz per you get 72..its kinda a big difference..i dont like 3dgaming and 120hz to 144hz in 2d isnt worth the premium...maby when 240hz tech comes out i will unless your running at least 2 680 or 7970s 144hz will be hard to hit in some of the newer games
3gb is not overkill...maby in 2012..but this year is when the new consoles will come are going to dramatically increse in graphics and performance...finally!!!! plus crysis 3 is going to spank everthing...the beta put my 680s on its knees
it will work you just need a rez that way you can refil the fluid..but to go thru all that trouble for that tiny pump inside. bar none this card!!!! have blocks for both the classy and ftw along with refrence cards
its not cheating if you are saying its your score with lucid...its not like you were hideing it...all good bro..but thats crazy how your score went up that high..i never tried myself..but def going to check in game performance.
ya my push pull helped temps by like 2c nothing major.the thing that really improved temps was putting some sp120 performance fans on there...but that was an extra 60bucks...could have bought a custom loop for 180..same price and better performance.
at least yall got 3gb of ram...we only got 2!!!! thats the only reason im buying next gen cards..even though i spent 1200 on my going to take a massive loss when i sell them
All aio coolers have the wires.. sucks cause the have to be plugged into the block.
if you have the right screws you can most likely ordering one right the reviews come out..the more and more i want it..test say it will out perform my h100 by 6-8c load oc at 4.6 and 2-3 idle..push pull with some good fans should shave another 2-3c..hope newegg can get it shipped out tommorow so i can get it saturday.also putting on some af140s.
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