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To add to this, a cracked copy of windows has access to everything that a legit user has. For example, an uncracked copy is not able to change the desktop. There is a watermark in the bottom corner, and there is no access to windows update. A cracked copy of windows has access to all of those things. In addition, when you go online, microsoft will recognize it as a genuine copy.
I have seen people. Granted, these people are usually those who get a disk from their tech savvy friend but said friend does not install it for them. Basically, bad pirates have non genuine. Good pirates have it genuine
I have to admit, the Xbox One is somewhat better than the PS4 from what I have experienced. However, that's because I play most multiplats on PC and the only thing I play on my Xbox is Halo, FIFA, and Xbox One exclusives. I have little to no interest in the PS4 exclusives.
MSI might not make the best motherboards but they do make good gaming PCs. Lenovo destroyed IBM's line of products. I'm sure they will do the same to MSI's.
Dear Android Makers, When you remove the microSD card slot and removable battery, you make me want to get an iPhone. All things considered equal, if I have to live without a card slot, I would rather have a phone that gets timely updates for the life of the product. This is why Apple is winning now.
I'm not sure you can "fry" your motherboard. It is possible that the port on the motherboard could be damaged.
This is why I use Skyrim Nexus
10 TB SSDs for a ton of money no doubt. I hope SSDs continue to drop in price. The minute a 120 GB SSD drops to $40, I'm gonna snag a few to revive some of my old laptops.
Looks like Halo 3 multiplayer for PC. Halo 3 was awesome. I hope the microtransactions are only for armor pieces and aesthetic gun pieces. Pay to Win would be a definite dealbreaker
I'm going to pick up a Zenfone 2 as soon as it is available in the US or on eBay for a reasonable price.
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