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Even though I buy new stuff every year. I want to plan for a scenario where I cannot afford the upgrade due to expensive hardware, a loss of a job, bad economy, etc. If that is the case, I don't want to feel too handicapped because of old hardware. Sure it will be slow but I still want it to be useful.
Finally, thank you Google.
Thanks, I'll definitely use it then. How about a hardware scanner. There's a software I know or called QA Win but it only works on windows. Is there anything like that which works for linux? Open source if possible?
I am looking for an antivirus program for linux that can scan a Windows partition. Open source software is preferred. I have looked at Clam AV anyone have any ideas?
Honestly, Ubuntu was my first exposure to linux. It is a great user friendly os. Is it the fastest? No. Does it have bloatware? Definitely. However, it is easy to navigate. Another alternative is probably Kubuntu or Linux Mint. Those are a bit more like windows. Elementary OS is pretty new if you are bold. Apparently it is built to be like Mac OS but I have no experience with it.
Amen to that
you do know how This Os is named right?
I also think it depends on the way you use your phone too. If you use the phone as the manufacturer intended meaning that you only use the apps created by the manufacturer, the phone will be pretty stable. If you use third party apps, you have a high chance of crash because it may not utilize the system resources on your phone properly.
I own an iphone and 2 android tablets. I have never experienced a crash on any of my devices. I just like the iphone better because I like the screen size. I am aware of the Galaxy Mini or One Mini or other mini phones.However, these phones rarely receive support from the manufacturer in terms of updates. I have noticed that only flagship devices receive android updates regularly. This leaves the iphone as the only flagship device with a small screen and thus receives all...
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