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I have large hands and skinny but long thumbs. I can't type on my girlfriends galaxy s5 without using two hands.
I prefer being able to reach the entire screen with my thumb without holding my phone in a dangerous position. Ie. on the tips of my fingers or shimmying up and down the phone with my hand.
iPhone 6, iPhone 6 XL, iPhone 5SC, and more iOS 8/OS X 10.10 stuff.
is BXR gonna be in this game?
I'm not really looking to spend that much on this computer. I just want to know whether a 6570 would crossfire with a A8 5600k like the box says it will even though the 6570 is not crossfire capable.
This is for an HTPC that I want to use for 720p controller games like FIFA. I need the graphics card to be low profile and passively cooled if possible.
I have an A8-5600K and I want to put in a discrete GPU for my system. I know that AMD products are capable of using dual graphics. I know mine is capable of using dual graphics with an HD 6570. Does the graphics card that I buy need to be crossfire compatible and how would I use the dual graphics feature? If the graphics card does need to be crossfire capable, does anyone have any suggestions since there are no 6570s that are crossfire capable?
I want to say that this is good but... [[SPOILER]]
Ok M$, I'll meet you halfway. If you want to make more money by force feeding the products we don't want to buy down our throats, why don't you make this available for Windows 8 only? I'm sure there's money in getting all halo fans to buy a new computer or a $120 operating system.
I can honestly say that I have. I do not like the ratio. It's so odd and nothing is made for it. Apps are programmed in 16:9 or 16:10. Movies are all 16:9 or something similar. You just end up with wasted screen space.
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