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Stormtrooper better be able to hit things in this game
Read the article. Obvious political bias is obvious.
1. This game needs to be played on PC. 2. Battlefield with Blasters and Lightsabers
"Machines creating machines"-C-3PO
Name one consumer-level thing that would run on this monitor.
I'm not one to sell my games. I just like to buy physical media to take up shelf space. When people come to my house, I can show off my massive game collection. I've done that since the N64.
I will probably preorder because Bethesda and Modders are usually quick to fix any bugs
I now have 2 hours to beat any game.
Tried the game. I was hoping to see extreme violence but I can get what I get from this game from GTA. If this game were a first person shooter, it would be great. That way, you can see the fear in your victim's eyes and you can shoot them in nonlethal places to induce the maximum pain and watch those npcs in agony before you finally kill them. That's what I wanted. I got a generic shooter with no story and no enjoyment.
Will I become Geordi LaForge?
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