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They could make it so that in order to play games, you have to blow on the cartridge. That would truly bring back old times.
SourceThis sounds like something that I would waste money on lol
Call before you write? Sounds like Intel wants Fake News.
I found this Gizmodo article that goes over the speeds of RAID towers in Thunderbolt vs USB 3.0. It seems that Thunderbolt is twice the speed of USB 3.
I read this article. It was a good read
Lately I have been playing Knights of the Old Republic. I'm already on my second playthrough of the game. You can also go with GTA San Andreas as that game was awesome.
I found this as the cheapest Thunderbolt drive on Amazon. It is a bit more expensive than your Lacie Rugged drive so I advise you get that. Most of these thunderbolt drives are usually that price for simply 1 TB from what I see.
Sounds like they just gave you typical salesperson talk when it comes to Open Box items. I used to work electronics retail so I know. Typically open box means that someone bought it and returned it. You should be lucky that it was only 6 charge cycles. Some open box products could have seen up to 30 days of use before being returned and resold.
Thunderbolt hard drives are a lot less common than the USB hard drives. Even less so now that Apple has moved away from Thunderbolt 2 and towards USB-C. Is there any reason why you need a Thunderbolt hard drive for a Macbook Pro?
What you are asking for is vague enough to be easy to come by. Any decent AIO usually has an i5 and an HD screen. They've pretty much had these specs as early as 2013. Are there any models that you are looking at right now?
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