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I hope M$ uses this to create an emulator for Original Xbox for Xbox One. Then it will be game over for the PS4 (for backwards compatibility).
If this is fanless, it will be a good upgrade for my HTPC
I thought they tried this with Windows RT and it failed
They could make it so that in order to play games, you have to blow on the cartridge. That would truly bring back old times.
SourceThis sounds like something that I would waste money on lol
Call before you write? Sounds like Intel wants Fake News.
I found this Gizmodo article that goes over the speeds of RAID towers in Thunderbolt vs USB 3.0. It seems that Thunderbolt is twice the speed of USB 3.
I read this article. It was a good read
Lately I have been playing Knights of the Old Republic. I'm already on my second playthrough of the game. You can also go with GTA San Andreas as that game was awesome.
I found this as the cheapest Thunderbolt drive on Amazon. It is a bit more expensive than your Lacie Rugged drive so I advise you get that. Most of these thunderbolt drives are usually that price for simply 1 TB from what I see.
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