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This thread is proof that my statement will be true. How will we treat a robot that has intelligence and may be alive? Will we be responsible for a robot apocalypse not because we created them but because we refused to acknowledge that they are alive?
Artificial Intelligence will be the topic of social reform groups. Anyone who watches Star Trek knows this.
I hate these hackers. This is why we can't have nice things.
Anyway, I'm pretty disappointed with this news. I'm probably gonna get a Surface 3
By that logic, Samsung copied TV makers for putting a 1080 screen on their phone and monitor makers for introducing 1600p onto their tablets. I never said that Apple invented a resolution. It's just that they are the most prominent to use that resolution.
I am trying to Force Choke you right now. Is it working? XD
The key word in that is "sane". Many fan boys of any type are not. As a Star Wars fanboy, I can say first hand that I am not sane when it comes to that topic.
So iPad Air clone down to the pixels eh? I used to think that Samsung doesn't clone Apple on everything but this is getting ridiculous. However, incoming Samsung fanboys who will still claim that Apple copies Samsung.
Stormtrooper better be able to hit things in this game
Read the article. Obvious political bias is obvious.
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