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I get that Apple has strict timelines because they push updates to almost all their devices within the last four years. By the time they cut support for you, your device is definitely too old and your battery barely lasts 10 minutes. Android, on the other hand, has phones on the market that never get updated. I remember getting the Atrix 2 which was not updated to ICS until long after JB came out. This is likely the case with other Androids as well.
Go ahead and sue people with malware on their computer. Let me know how that goes for you.
So much for the power of the cloud
Agreed +1
No, the same arguments apply. Botnets are formed due to people getting infected by malware. Often times, the people don't know that they are getting infected by malware. They can prevent it with Internet Security.Are you gonna tell a store owner that he should have hired private security? Or maybe he shouldnt have set up shop in a bad neighborhood? No
Way to blame the victims. When you see a store get robbed, you should walk to the store owner and tell him he's an idiot for letting himself get robbed
Read more: hope this gets people to stop supporting and/or defending these hacker groups. This is a whole new low. People are getting presents for Christmas and these people want to take that enjoyment away. Just awful. Hope someone does something about it.
Some websites say it is an R5 though
My hope is that they give us the option to have both the outright OS like Home Premium for $100-150 but give us the "Mega Ultra Ultimate" edition which is usually $300 for $10 a month or $100 a year which means when windows 11 comes out, you will get that with an active subscription
This isn't news. News is new. This we have already known.
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