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I want to say that this is good but... [[SPOILER]]
Ok M$, I'll meet you halfway. If you want to make more money by force feeding the products we don't want to buy down our throats, why don't you make this available for Windows 8 only? I'm sure there's money in getting all halo fans to buy a new computer or a $120 operating system.
I can honestly say that I have. I do not like the ratio. It's so odd and nothing is made for it. Apps are programmed in 16:9 or 16:10. Movies are all 16:9 or something similar. You just end up with wasted screen space.
Yes, but can it run Goldeneye?On a serious note, I don't like the aspect ratio. I think they were hoping to let people use their old keyboards. However, the old keyboards won't cover the screen. So what's the point? You're gonna have to buy a new keyboard anyway so why make the surface pro have the same horizontal?
Yes but can it play Goldeneye
So, 1080p is a benchmark for next gen but 60 fps is not?
Smart move. This will help TV sales.
All I need is a web browser and visual studio.
I am not hoping to store a bunch of stuff here. I do want to dual boot windows 8+classic shell and lubuntu. Is 120 enough?
I just ordered the XLR8 from best buy at around $57. I'll see what happens. If I dont see a good performance gain, ill just return it and get a hdd.
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