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Quickly, move all mods to Nexus
I recently went to my local electronics store and saw that they were selling 4K Blu Rays. The players are ridiculously expensive so are there any plans to bringing 4K Blu Ray ODDs to PCs?
You make it out to be a simple problem with a simple solution. However, you are forgetting that this ethical concern is very very complex. Offering a simple solution for a complex problem is always going to be wrong.
I can say with certainty that some people think the CPU is the entire computer tower. They think it is an abreviation for ComPUter instead of Central Processing Unit.
Why can't Android phones be like this?
Im glad they are keeping PES. FIFA needs competition.
This is such a bad move by AMD. Zen looks good now but when it's released it will look like AMD is releasing last years tech.
This is about my HTPC. I recently got a 4K TV and I am hoping to connect my HTPC to it. However, the max resolution I can get is 1080p. Is the iGPU good enough for watching videos at 4K resolution or would I have to buy a new graphics card for that?
I don't understand why it's so hard to use a different API. It's not like we have to download it manually ourselves. These usually come with the installer packages. Devs should pick the best API and build their game for it then include the API installer with the installation package.
Hired then fired shortly after for revealing company secrets. Unless Google wants us to know.
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