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Some websites say it is an R5 though
My hope is that they give us the option to have both the outright OS like Home Premium for $100-150 but give us the "Mega Ultra Ultimate" edition which is usually $300 for $10 a month or $100 a year which means when windows 11 comes out, you will get that with an active subscription
This isn't news. News is new. This we have already known.
I am looking to puchase a laptop for my brother to do homework on. I decided to get him something with an APU since they usually have better value. I am looking at the laptop and it says that it has an HD 8210. Don't Beema APUs have R5s on them? I'm confused. The laptop in question is a HP 15-f111dx.
Other android phones don't get updates in a timely manner if at all with the specs I want. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for OnePlus Two having an SD card slot.
I admit that both iPhones and Galaxies are great phones. I hate their fanboys though. Makes me hate both phones. I get one and am hated by one group and the other tries to recruit me into their ranks.
Yes because "MOAR COARS" is always better
couldn't you just buy your own router?
TPB will return and the Swedes will never be able to steal servers. lol Not sure if this is practical. Would have to try this myself.
Watch Dogs would still be running at 720p 30fps
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