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What is the 1/3 that ends up not being covered? Power circuitry, memory?And so it sounds like I should get the Gigabyte G1 then.. hmm
Quick question, I've always been used to sticking with reference cards so I can find waterblocks for them. But looking at the 980Ti, it looks like its so popular that manufacturers (EK especially) have made blocks that fit the custom boards as well. So is there any benefit to getting one or the other? I noticed the blocks for the reference boards seem bigger, do they cover more?
Whoops, needa update that, i have a 7970 right now lol. Still aging though. Especially with my 4k monitor :|But i mean, is this a good deal? Or should I wait for black friday and holiday deals?
I cant. But I've been using mayhems pastel mixed in with distilled water for 3 years now. Haven't even flushed/changed it yet >_>My computer is basically on 24/7 and my GPU is OC'd at 4.5Ghz so I don't think coolant and acrylic are an issue. Its either that or ive been insanely lucky so far.
Damn.. well that has me worried, since I have a EK Supremacy CPU block as well. Mine has been fine so far though. Its been almost 3 years now. Which reminds me, I really need to do some maintenance... drain/flush the system lol.
Theres also a $25 off $200 statement credit for AMEX users. I'm tempted to buy this...
Soooo been wanting to upgrade my GPU for a while. You guys think this is a good deal? MSI 980 Ti 6GD5T OC for $600 - $30 rebate - $25 Amex credit = $545 Or should I wait for black friday?
Agreed on both points. But I'm not sure how much better it'll get. I mean, the point of forcing reviewers to wait was so the released benchmarks would be accurate and representative of the final product right?I had high hopes Would've liked to have some extra space in my case but the 980 Ti just fits my situation better for the same price and performance.
I might actually. Now that the benchmarks are out.My 1440p monitor is DVI-Dual Link only. So going with the Fury X is actually a bit of a pain in the butt.
At $830, I'll wait for the price to drop. At $1000, I'll wait for the next generation and reconsider when theres 8GB HBM.
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