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Agreed on both points. But I'm not sure how much better it'll get. I mean, the point of forcing reviewers to wait was so the released benchmarks would be accurate and representative of the final product right?I had high hopes Would've liked to have some extra space in my case but the 980 Ti just fits my situation better for the same price and performance.
I might actually. Now that the benchmarks are out.My 1440p monitor is DVI-Dual Link only. So going with the Fury X is actually a bit of a pain in the butt.
At $830, I'll wait for the price to drop. At $1000, I'll wait for the next generation and reconsider when theres 8GB HBM.
For what its worth, I havent performed maintenance on my custom loop since I built it lol. No issues and the temps have held steady. The same stable OC I had back then is still stable now.
Water cooling systems (especially AIOs) have additives in the water that prevents bacterial growth and inhibits corrosion due to reaction between different metals (I forgot the science behind this part).So no, you would not refill the AIO. If you modify the AIO in any way (including trying to change the coolant), you void the warranty.You should probably check out some of the starter threads in the watercooling section of these forums.
I really really hope thats inaccurate. Especially since the site is called semi accurate, lol.But sigh. It'd be such a waste to cool it with a single 120mm radiator when I already have a full custom loop that runs on a triple 180mm radiator with room for another 120mm radiator.....
I figured they would. But it just feels like a waste to pay extra for that AIO cooling and then have to turn around to buy another full block.But I guess if the Fury non-X really is a cut down version, I'll pretend the extra cost for the X is purely for performance difference lol.Speaking of which... anyone find pre-order links yet?
^ Thats the concern I have. We'll see tomorrow once NDA is lifted I suppose.
Doesnt look like theres any easy way to adapt block to work with a custom loop :\ 1. Cut the stock lines and user a coupler. Hope it doesnt leak :\ 2. Unplug the pump. Hope there are no alarms or that you can turn the alarms off.
Proper grammar rules would suggest that yes, you did say AMD screwed up the I wouldn't consider AMD new though.. unless you mean this card and HBM specifically.I wouldn't pay $1000 for a GPU just because the performance over a typical $500 card just isnt worth it. So hopefully the price gouging on this doesnt last very long.Internet retailers typically dont price gouge anyway, but they will probably run out of stock if the rumors are true.
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