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Was about time !
just plays badly really, that's why I think - it's never ever selected in the map pool.
yeah fair!
even the pros find it crap lol
I love the new inf...old one didn't bring out much fun, new one is so well done! I hope it replaces nuke lol
Interesting - cheers!
Why? I don't get it ?
Sorry I fail to understand the problem? They've used the same shell, but a better sensor? And you're...complaining?
What holder you got?And tbh the Dxxx line had a warping headband anyway - even mine is slightly scuffed, even being on a flat headband, which wouldn't ever cause it any problems.Also - a headband sleeve, causes even more I wouldn't be TOO concerned.If it causes discomfort, getting a new headband is impossible - but getting a headband cover is something you might want to look into (like the Beyers cover)
Haha thanks guys, but I'm no longer on OCN - just popping around when I'm quoted or PM'ed!Hope all is well guys.
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