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a 2013 post What are you referencing? I'm confused?
Just go this mouse for review. It's lighter than the G502 - I would say around 100g - like the G900 weight wise. Form factor is also better than a G502 and G303 - fits like a glove in my 17-19cm hands. This might just be my ultimate mouse. I use the G502 daily at work and G303 at home whilst browsing and gaming CS:GO competitively. EDIT: Nvm, software is so retarded. I just need a basic function to assign a keyboard key to a button. I don't need a macro - but I can't do...
Could you take a pic - curious to see itNice - well, I wonder how the BenQ looks like as a TN panel
So in short: No.There isn't an IPS, 1440p, at around £400, with 144Hz -those were/are all my requirements for a perfect monitor.There ARE £600-900 monitors, but the cost speaks for itself.I understand some are getting ghosting, that's unfortunate, but it has to be compared to monitors in its same league.You're mentioning a TN panel there. On-paper specs always are inaccurate from experience. I've reviewed monitors with Delta E of 0.5 vs ones with 2.1 and yet the higher...
Out of interest do you two own the monitor? Or use it?Also - is there another monitor with the same specs and price which you can compare it to? As it's easy stating it has motion blur, but in comparison to what? A £1k OLED?
Because the better the viewing experience, the more pleasant experience you'll have when gaming, meaning your eys are at rest.Maybe you're not as sensitive to PWM-flicker, or a TN panel with poor colours, or seeing the pixels on a 1080p monitor - but I am- so it makes a whole load of difference.From the beautiful colours being displayed on the guns, with darker blacks, more accurate whites (making it easier to see enemies) and the better resolution.Pros play well on...
I'm still trying to see it. Maybe I'm doing the tests wrong, but from my experience and setup, there's nothing that's alarming.I played several hours of csgo, where I always use that as a test of motion blur and didn't notice a single bit of ghosting.In other news, I played so well...that increased resolution and much better colours really helped me over my tn AOC!
Yup the exact test I used.That's interesting - I don't have an AMD card at hand, so can't test that.You're right in that FreeSync disables OD - but even on Normal Mode, on my NV card I don't get motion blur. So maybe it's AMD specific, through a Radeon setting?
Yup I agree - so I did some testing - as per someone on YouTube asked me to - I still can't see any motion blur on the monitor.I've reviewed a few monitors (namely VA panels) which had horrendous motion blur - this looks normal?Running on GTX 960 (NV), via DP 1.2 @ 144hz 2560x1440.
-Motion blur is unwanted though in most games.-High input lag - vs what IPS monitors? I found it to be one of the best given it's an IPS panel - it competes very well with my 1ms, low input lag AOC.-OSD glitches? How often do you use the OSD though - my QNIX doesn't even have one lol-As stated, no BLB - and if any it's normal in all LED panels.-OLED is about....5x more expensive?
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