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Hi guys, So I've reviewed over...40+ monitors on YouTub (from curved £1000 monitors to £120 TN 1080p) I just got this in for review Acer XF270HU. I can't quite find a problem with it - I mean, I feel like it's the ultimate monitor. I currently own a QNIX QX2710 running @96hz and have an AOC G2770PQU @144hz. The AOC hurts my eyes through its poor TN colours and 1080p resolution, but I use it when playing CSGO competitively. The QNIX is absolute bliss, but suffers from...
Only that I run a 960 myself and run a 2710...
I'll leave this here
My cousin has never owned a monitor, nor has he ever been on anything larger than 15" full HD lolI'm not sure what will be best for him.2K, 27" @96hz PLS 8msor1080p, 24" @ 210hz TN 1.5ms
Thanks for sharing!
My cousin is in LA - USA !That monitor - holy molly!
the problem is the tn panels on the 144hz monitors are really crap. At least in the 40odd monitors I've reviewed, I've not come across one high refresh rate monitor that has a nice panel!
thanks for sharing mate
What?My friend was in the top 5 ESL teams in the EU.I generally lose games when I play with people who have no sense of teamplay and play for kills only - NA strategy-type play
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