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Huge thanks - I'll try that!
Can anyone guide me on how the hell I'm supposed to do the Wildfire Gemini Mission: NUKE It's absolutely impossible!?
Thanks for sharing, didn't know thisIts' crazy no reviewer has picked up on it.I google'd around and found an amazon review from a guy that bought it and he mentioned it.I'll be mentioning it in my review though.
Np - yeah the keys stay on well from what I have been testing, better than on my G710+.With that said, with time, I feel its small plastic insides will start to give way as they did with my G710+ and thus start breaking - whereas unlike the Cherry MX replacement keys I can get, the G810 uses Logitech's own switches, meaning a replacement will be hard to come by, especially if we're speaking in 3 years time or so.It's sad to reject a keyboard based upon the lights. But as...
Thanks for sharing!
Just received it for review. I must be the king of quality control - I swear I find flaws where others don't. G810 bug: After it being fully udpated (FW + software) - the G810 on Key Press mode (lighting effect) results in the NUM LOCK, CAPS LOCK and SCROLL LOCK lights to not activated and deactivate when being switched on, despite the actual buttons functioning fine. First impressions of the KB: Soft touch, feels like MX Reds but with a slight bit more bump to it...
Thanks for sharing!I own a G303 myself - so essentially I CAN overclock it?I'm so curious to try when I get home (But I need the software to work)
Bumping this up again - still haven't come with a solution - anyone have any ideas?
Taken by someone local.
THIS IS FREE - all you need to do is pay for postage. I live in Wimbledon, in London England. I've had this mouse for god knows how long in my drawers. It used to work flawlessly and was my favourite mouse. Unfortunately, I don't know where the receiver is for it - the small USB dongle doesn't seem to work with it (probably for something else). It also has the USB extender and two chargers included. Free for anyone interested.
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