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wow! Well thanks for sharing!
hahahaha - sounds like a plan bruh +rep
I only play csgo - Don't need a new one tbh
Just re-living this thread - is the principle the same? I have $600-650 to blow from the USA (Amazon money I've accumulated from YouTube) I was either thinking of buying a whole new system or buy a 980ti and simply sell it - thoughts ?
Someone at work has the 402 - it's identical in terms of shape to the 502.Once you get used to the shape of the 303, it's really nice to use.As for the 502, I don't know what scroll issues - the crazy-shake = wobble issue?If anything is wrong with the 502, it's the bounce back on the left-right buttons.EDIT:Just got the Rival 100 for review, I read it's a cheaper sensor than the Rival 300 and has a smaller form factor.Rival 100's performance is decent albeit not perfect...
I can't remember, but there's info out there on the net about them!
Sorry, but Logitech g303 & 502 are on another league of mice...!
my point is the hackers started - whereas nova/silver ranks there were none lol
So in the last week I started playing with my old CS friends again. Overa year ago we were silvers together and went to Nova4/ MG1 - then most of them left, I went on to become Supreme on Le Main and LEM on a smurf account. Now they're back - I got lent an account from them and we're making our way from nova upwards. I took the account unranked, first match got ranked Nova1 with the boys - and now I'm MG1 (around a week's worth of playing after work). What's interesting...
Recently I've encountered a problem with my G710+ - finally after around 3years of solid use, the keys are starting to give way (inside stem is breaking!) LEDs also seem a lot less bright than they used to be Paint wise though (as I got a body spray on it) there's no problems as of yet!
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