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Ah classic volvo: Went with my main as a supreme and a friend who is global. We win one, draw one and lose one - and I derank to LEM. We played against globals and supremes only - the logic is beyond me.
lol... that's the attitude I hate most about people: 'it's only going to get 20 views'
because it ruins your win streak an uprank. Naming and shaming hackers is a good thing, and something more people should do more often. On top of that, every little helps. It's like saying: overwatch is a waste of time.
Reliving an old thread. I just received my G502 - same problem. My G303 doesn't have the problem. Bit disappointing to hear the problem, as it's annoying. I don't play with sticky fingers, but as an FPS gamer, single clicking and lifting is a natural thing for me. I also find it disappointing, like the G303 that the lights can't be disabled per profile...basics Logitech, common.
Playing a HACKER RIGHT NOW. Recorded it - going on YouTube, that was disgraceful. Enemy team were being boosted too.
I don't even play MatchMaking ever.I don't even play MatchMaking ever.I don't even play MatchMaking ever.And you're commenting on it
someone seems offended
In all honesty I couldn't careless about hours, they cheat = VAC - skins, hours, GG.And you can boost hours, so it's nothing special
This is a disgrace - ever since the update for ranks - there's hackers, SO MANY hackers - everywhere, ever 2nd game there's a hacker - it's disgraceful from Valve. In the last 2 weeks I've had 5 people VAC'ed: And that's ONLY on my...
this is true - although the Globals I knew were genuine globals with good skill, positioning etc - not boosted noobs I've met on MM.In fact all my friends I feel haven't been boosted - their ranks truly reflect their skill.Also not to be offensive but:Global NA is = to LE/LEM EU.After having played in both's safe to say that even the Russians (who rage) play better than the Americans
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