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I can't quite describe how pissed off I am right now at this crap company. So much so that I'm thinking of selling both my 680s. I'm trying to god damn install drivers and it's blue screening every bloody time. I've recorded it and will put it on YouTube, I'm seriously done with this crap
Because EA servers.
I just posted a review on YouTube for them. In fact I might be doing a give away for you guys
Hi all, I bought these not long ago from BuyChina: I paid £16.50 - and thus would love to gather my money back I can part with the PBT caps being sold separately to the key covers - but won't be selling the key covers in parts - it will come in its entirety (rainbow 108 shade). My reason of sale is very simple: Got custom painted faceplates for my lovely keyboards and thus no longer...
Hey !I thought to enter, as encouraged by the lads who are part of the mech keyboard club!When voting opens I shall vote for Jixr's keyboard - as a show of support and acknowledgement! I only entered because there will be something for people to pick from!Here are the pictures of my entry for this month: Logitech G710+ with a custom painted lamborghini yellow faceplate! [[SPOILER]]
I shall enter just for the sake of you having something to compete against - but I shall vote for your keyboard nevertheless
Thanks boys! Will definetely be entering this month's one.And the following month with the CM XT Is this months one starting in July?I don't mind the stock to be honest...but this takes it to another's stock lamborghini |Dude it now has 550bhp It isn't original lambo paint, but it isd as close to it that you'll get from 3rd party body shops.Essentially I gave them the codes and then via software they match the paint code and make it as if it was the real thing....
Thanks bud!Going to do the CM XT key caps today (Before that a review for the keypop keycaps)
yeah bro!!! Dat lambo though
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