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Awesome news. Rocksteady rocking this as well is a proper result
Gutted to hear your very sad news Zawarudo and wish you a speedy recovery. You are a legend in the world for us Kepler owners and I, for one am very saddened to hear your news.
Cheers. That was 1.410V. A guy lost his Titan on 1.425V with a Vrm cooled block as a heads up to othersThanks and I was pleased with it
Gregster - 3930K @ 5Ghz - GTX Titan @ 1369/3753 Nothing left in the tank
Are Origin PC quite popular in the US? It seems that with them choosing not to sell AMD GPU's anymore, it has kicked up a right fuss and accusations.
Probably only funny if you are from the UK and have watched Snatch....
The 2nd cfg file you have in your jpg imapge, add the [settings] to that: [Settings] VDDC_Generic_Detection=0 VDDC_NCP4206_Detection=4:20h should be in there as well like your 3rd cfg file. Add that to the 4th one as well just to be safe. Like that.
Check your afterburner cfg files for a new entry and add the [settings] to that. (like you did with one card).
Nice one
One thing I was slow to realise is....Everytime you flash your GPU/'s, MSI makes a new cfg file for it and you have to redo the [settings] addition. I was on Naennon's BIOS and switched to Skyn3ts and couldn't understand what I was doing wrong (just seeing the +100mV option). It all made sense after seeing another config file in the AB profiles folder
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