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People can pick as many hairs as they like with my testing but as far as I know, It is the only form of showing side by side video's and you get to know what is what with the NCP. All the other results I have looked at alter settings or fail to tell you what is what. Same system, same clocks, max settings and no LOD shenanigans. What you see is what you get.
No arguments from me Provost and I think professional reviewers need to state what they are settings things at. If like me they didn't realise that there is a difference, it can actually sway results quite a bit.
Gameplay on both was very smooth. Neither stood out when actually gaming for being better than the other and for the record, I am on a ROG Swift monitor and have G-Sync disabled. I am ultra picky when it comes to stuttering, so would notice if there was issues.
You need to watch on Youtube really - My next set of vids will be with a much bigger and brighter MSI AB Overlay Haha, fair and that was a bit controversial and i wrote it out without even thinking (in such a hurry)
This seems like the best place for this, so here are a few recordings I have done, with lots more to come. I have all settings the exact same and I also have "prefer max quality" set in the Nvidia Control Panel (to make it fair except for BF4 (I didn't realise that there was a quality difference, so I also did a vid comparing "let the 3D application decide" and "prefer max quality" which is this one: The list will be added to as I do more games and everything will be...
Cheers Provost I agree with putting these into their own thread, as there will be lots of them.I also agree that 28nm needs to do one. Great performance from AMD and Nvidia this time but it is now time to move on. HBM 2 as you say will be great and bring it on I say.
GTA V compared between the 2. Guys, should I put these here or do you think I should put them somewhere else? If so, where please?
A lot closer this time for the Fury X and keeping up well with the factory overclocked Titan X.
Guys, I did one video with the default Nvidia settings "which is let the 3D application decide and then did another with prefer max quality and this showed there to be an IQ difference. Nothing going on untoward. The frames were around 7fps difference and you can see from still that the LOD is slightly lowered in the "let the 3D apllication decide" portion.
I agree and performance will get better. Hopefully they will have it nailed within a couple of months and another plus for the Fury is Windows 10, which I will be switching to on the 28th and performance is up in a lot of games on that OS for AMD, so good things to come.
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