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Is it just me that is a fan of HairWorks? I think it looks great.
Right chaps and chapesses, I have had the GTX 970 in my system for a couple of days and have played a multitude of games and felt it deserved a full review. I was kindly given a few game codes from nVidia as well (2 X The Witcher 3 - Dying Light - Lords of the Fallen and Evolve) and to be in with a chance of winning, just watch my review
1440P with everything maxed on a Titan X here and I chucked a review in for good measure
Thanks for the kind words
Thought I would do a Montage video for this excellent game.
Thought I would give this great game a review
Thought it time to give the Swift a review
My review of this Codemasters game
A great weekend for everyone and I seriously had a great time. Thanks to the event sponsors and I did a mash up of pics and vids from the event
Regardless of whatever BIOS, that is normal when overclocking too much. When pushing a card to hard, it will crash and return "The display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" I don't ever see artifacting when clocking too high on any of the cards I have benched.
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