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It is an Intel sponsored game but shows the GPU usage as low as 55% for the FX in places. That to me shows what the API is doing on the AMD side (or that AMD just haven't optimised) but if the usage was as high as the TX, it would be a lot closer.I felt it showed what Bradley was talking about in the OP but happy to be proven wrong.
Get out of it lol. That was my first video and clearly something up my end. You obviously have an agenda and happy to ignore what is what with facts but if that keeps you happy, carry on.I removed that video as well as soon as I realised there was something up.This is the video that shows how they compare.
How so? When I was first testing, I had some issues but rectified that straight away. That was my fault and not Nvidia's but I am happy for you to show me where there is an IQ difference in any of my video's.
A very good read and something I noticed when comparing the Fury X to the Titan X in several games. Check out Grid Autosport as an example.
Yep, I am running the latest drivers and I can't really say I have seen any more performance. I am told that slower CPU's are seeing gains but I can't verify that but with my 3930K running at 4.625Ghz, that is plenty to stop any CPU bottlenecking on the Fury X and Titan X and what you see is what you get. As for Overclocking, I consider myself to be quite clued up and I am not hopeful at all that voltage is going to bring much but hopefully I am wrong on that.
Right chaps, I upped the res to 1440P and I maxed the clocks as much as possible and what was 24/7 stable. Tested a few games and here is the results.
I seriously don't think more voltage is going to really push these cards much higher. I can't run 1120Mhz Stable and 11000 seems to be my max stable clocks. 3 attempts to complete Valley bench with 1120Mhz
Interesting you say that. Run the games I did on your system, log the results and then run again with the 15.15 and again log the reslults and then show us. With your CPU, it will show if there is a CPU bottleneck. Run at 1080P as well where there is a bigger demand on the CPU.
You are both correct Having jumped on it, it runs fine and no problems on either but then again, no improvements on either. Maybe these improvements are for older cards that people are claiming seeing? I have even run DDU just to make sure the drivers didn't have any nasties left but still nothing Video will be done soon.Edit:Just a quick recording.
I will fire it up and give it a run. I was just going on hearsay
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