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A great weekend for everyone and I seriously had a great time. Thanks to the event sponsors and I did a mash up of pics and vids from the event
Regardless of whatever BIOS, that is normal when overclocking too much. When pushing a card to hard, it will crash and return "The display driver has stopped responding and has recovered" I don't ever see artifacting when clocking too high on any of the cards I have benched.
Very much looking forward to meeting some of you guys
Appreciate the nice comment
Hey guys, I joined the club a few days ago and chuffed to bits with the performance. I did a review (very amatureish) on the TX and SLI TX Thought I might as well add this here for those that are interested but not sure
love you guys Great work Skyn3t and OccamRazor and my guide would not have been possible if not for you guys and our fallen Brother Zawarudo.
Yer, I messed up and should have edited that post. Ignore the 780Ti unlocking to 1.3V
No it doesn't. I bought 680s on release with no issues, I bought Titans on release with no issues, I bought the Samsung U28D590 2 months ago to pair up with my Titans and no issues. AMD said they were 4K ready...they are not.AMD miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.
Interesting read and hits on a few points that echo around the forums.
Awesome news. Rocksteady rocking this as well is a proper result
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