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Found it on internet... Here benches Crysis 3 seems to like...
Than this bios seems good for 1,21 and no boost skyn3t vBios rev 2
Hello... Someone here has a 1,2V bios for this particulair card? ty Maybe im planning getting a GTX780 but i dont buy it if there is no 1,2V bios with the full removed boost 2.0 . I used to had the titan.. but also used a modded bios on it. because its a lot of money and the GK110 needs a lot of juice to run 1100+mhz, there it shines,
...try this bios ... inspector not evga or afterburner
had 7970 in crossfire myself.To be honest ...... 1x7970 is slow minimum fps at 1080p2x 7970 is horrible microstutter
you can wait till 2066... 10 dollar for a card 10000 times faster than TITAN for sure. You life now... not tomorrow. Money is only money
So damn true./And furmark blew up my 1000w power supply. so screw furmark.. worst trash pile of crap software ever made.Running furmark for GPU Is like testing your heart with electroshocks therapy.Im still trying to figgur out why people like furmark./get my TITAN tomorrow or day after so i didnt run it yet.. thought 95 degrees was possible because its a stock cooler . And yes... 95 degrees in gaming and good airflow
on 1,2V and 95 degrees in gaming what would be the lifetime? We talk about 1 year or even up to 3? For me 2 years is enough, than the card is cheap 2nd hands so if it dies... i buy another for low price or at least... reasonable. basically the Titan is comparable with the GTX 480 in life-time? at 95 degrees 1,2v? I think when i get my TITAN i immediately start flashing it . Dont like any type of boost in videocards And yes I got HD4000 so i can flash the original back...
ok thnx . / That Windforce card is fugly........ yes best cooling there is but still nasty looking. Look so cheap
Anyone knows if its worth to overclock a titan when its limit is like 220watts max? Lets say you overclock to 1100 mhz .... will it stay there? or only max 1030 or something? I also got the unlocked bios so the limit is 350w max.. and no limits on anything... But i want the card alive for at least 2 years..... I have no clue about PWM's and stuff on Titan. id like to run titan on 1100-1200mhz @ 1,2 = ? Safe? On the other end i still dont want to ruin the card.... Got...
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