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yeah, but he needs someone with tickets unfortunately, thats why im just hunting down someone with two tickets or anyone with a team ticket that is looking for two people(me and my teammate)[/quote]
if anyone has a team ticket and is looking for two people, or is selling two tickets let met know please.
Please contact me if you have one csgo team ticket for sale!
Whens the next lan, i forgot how good all the the OC members are the PCS and i need some huge help upgrading, i think some of the members at these events know a crazy amount, i forgot that were OCINg cpus at the lan lmao hopefully we see one again soon!
great lan guys, see ya'll at the next one
So come Saturday, I just show up with my computer and get ready to game?
yeap dangerously close to the date haha
has registration opened up yet?
has the registration opened?!
ah ok, well the events a week away im just hoping i dont miss the registration haha
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