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Kinda off topic but I wouldn't buy your components every month or so since the components you already bought would probably be cheaper or replaced with something better by the time you complete your system so it's worth it to do everything in one go.
I'd love to win!
I'd be over the moon if I won a copy! Just beginning to realize how tough it is to be a college student when it comes to money.
I'm in! I'd love to play this game!
Then there's me who can barely serve un-burned toast.
Does the fact that I killed every single person/animal in Dishonored (except for the ones you can't kill) mean I'm a cold blooded killer?
I love how back then when there were alleged benchmarks of the Titan/780 everyone was like oohhh look its super revolutionary... Same thing happens to AMD's new card and everyone's like it's fake etc. Really OCN?
Hey guys I managed to fix it, turns out the TM thing on the Battlefield 3 folder was the thing causing it, I had to fool around with the registry to get it to work though.
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