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Krow. It is paid for but still need to finalize the paint. Yes they are vague. I asked about the tec insulation and they wouldn't tell me anything about it. Also no real good pictures of the tec itself. And when i get id like to work with you on putting it through it's paces.
Well i decided to drop 9000$ on a digital storm cryo-tec rig. I'll post pics as soon as i get it.
That is awesome!!!! You must work for the power company lol. Do you heat your place with that? Lol
How many chillers are you running in a chain?
Dam, thats cold. You got any pictures of the window unit? Would love to see it. What temps do you get with the chiller? Idel/load?
Why the use of glycol in the hot loop? Also what temps can i expect with a liquid chiller? And does the cold loop tubeing need insulation?
Also for running 2 chillers, what is a good rad setup? Would a 360 and a120 ?ad setup work?
What is the best antifreeze to use in the cold loop? Was thinking gycerol in a 60/40 mix. And for insulation neoprene and dielectric grease?
This still for sale? Links in other posts are dead.
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