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That rad would help my laser cooling loop really well.
Don't even need to power on the PSU, just plug it into a grounded three prong outlet. This supplies a channel to ground to the PSU casing. Use that to discharge any static.
ESD wristband is always a good idea when building a system. If you don't dissipate static, the damage can be incredible at chip level. Looks like nuked by lightning. If you don't have one, I highly recommend plugging in your PSU and touching it's casing (grounded) before touching other components (motherboard, cards, drives, etc.) As far as the case goes, don't worry about the minor static buildup. It will be harmless to your components and should remain dissipated...
They need to be mounted to a proper heatsink, and I'd highly recommend some serious diffusers or you'll blow your eyes out. I prefer low level lighting, not replacements for car headlights.
1. Don't ever use a circular saw on acrylic unless you have a 90 tooth or better carbide tipped blade. Blades for general woodwork will shatter it.2. Use acrylic knife to score/snap your sheet to the final size.3. The router could be used, but you need a single o-flute cutter for it, and you'd need to sort out a template.4. Dremel is not the best choice due to cutter speed. It tends to do nothing more than melt into goo and make bad quality cuts.5. Jigsaw will do for the...
I use frosted clear almost exclusively now. The frosted goes on the outside and provides a very nice matte finish that resists fingerprints and all the stupid tiny scratches that acrylic will normally pick up. Since I usually laser engrave a design, I'll leave it flat, spray the backside color, then engrave and finally bend. Sometimes there's a little bit of a wrinkle where the paint gets bent, but that's easy to touch up by hand. For a multi color design, you have to...
Awesome man. Much appreciated. My favorite is blue.
Awesome! Looking to build my son his first computer and I'm collecting parts. I have a Core2Duo system with 8GB RAM sitting in a box that a friend sent over, have a 128GB SSD for it, just need a good GPU and a power supply. I'll be building it in an old Apple G5 case that I've been gutting. My favorite color is blue. My boy's seems to be green, but that's subjective and changes depending on the time of day, weather and his mood.
^ You have it correct.
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