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I do occasionally. Haven't had much time lately to do PSU covers. Mostly I'm supplying parts for my buddy's modding business and developing new products.
Looks to me like the power section is on one area of the board, then some unpopulated stuff, then the stuff for the receiver. I can't read the markings on the two chips, but I'd bet real money that one is some sort of serial to USB and the other is for short range radio. The antenna is totally obvious. Hard to tell how many traces go from the power side to the receiver stuff, but I bet if you were to spend some time tracing, you'll find very few. If there's only two (and...
Literally any two conductor (or two single conductor) wires will do fine. I have some super thin stuff... I think it's like 26 gauge... that easily carries the current for a foot of LED strip.
Definitely in. Gathering parts to build a system for my son (8 years old).
Spy Chameleon - RGB Agent looks interesting.
Already gone. /thread
Usually it's a loop back to the power supply for current sensing. This makes sure that the PSU delivers the proper current and can adjust for voltage drop at the motherboard.
Wire size is usually 16 or 18 gauge. Either one should be sufficient.
Guide for sleeving doubles from Lutro0.
I might as well. In.
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