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Usually it's a loop back to the power supply for current sensing. This makes sure that the PSU delivers the proper current and can adjust for voltage drop at the motherboard.
Wire size is usually 16 or 18 gauge. Either one should be sufficient.
Guide for sleeving doubles from Lutro0.
I might as well. In.
Nah, let the other person have all 12. Not worth shipping 6 of them.
I could totally use more motherboard standoffs. That's the one thing I never end up with around here.
Absolutely interested. Would be a good excuse for a road trip to visit my buddy in Tennessee over the holidays.
Thermal pads should be fine if they're undamaged and still make good contact with the heatsink. If they're too compressed, replace.
The switch will interrupt power. You have a circuit, goes from power supply (+12v), through the LED strip, then out to the power supply ground (-). The electricity flows in this loop. If you want to switch that on and off, you simply cut either one of the wires and it'll stop power flow in the loop. You now have an open circuit. Wire the switch into the opening in the circuit and you can use the switch to control it.If you literally have a molex-molex extension, cut the...
On that supply, 10 meters should be fine. Usually you want to size your supply to be just big enough for what you need to power. Overkill usually costs more. In this case, it's cheap enough not to be an issue, and it's more than capable for what you want to power. All good.
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