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I used to do cable management in cases before there was cable management. There's a good amount of space behind the drive cage. The smaller stuff can be hidden really easily by poking small holes and routing it around under things, along edges, etc. For the larger stuff like your 24 pin power and other stuff, I'd consider just cleaning it up as much as you can and sleeving it nice. You're not going to be able to completely hide everything. Hide what you can, display the rest.
Rustoleum spray paint. Buff it up with a Scotch Brite Pad first to knock the glossiness off it, clean with rubbing alcohol, let dry. Dust on the paint and build up the coat slowly so you don't fill the holes.
Absolutely would love to do a bunch of custom fabrication and mod the heck out of this thing. We could really use a real HTPC for the living room. The little WDTV Live box is nice enough for watching Netflix, but it falls flat trying to run some of the files over my network from the storage on my main rig. My son could also really use access to a PC of his own. He's 7 and absolutely loves Minecraft. I'd like to run that with the latest awesome looking mods on it. I figure...
I'd be happy to have a look at it. Don't want any silliness going on.
You're not going all the way down to metal though. You're touching up. Satin Black Rustoleum will be fine as well. I use Rustoleum more often since they carry it at Home Depot. The purpose of sanding here is to: 1. break the shininess of the surface- this gives your paint something to stick to. 2. smooth out the location of the scratch so when you repaint it won't be noticed. Use plenty of water, and go with the 600 grit. Tear off a 1/4 sheet and fold that in half. Keep...
Get the runs from the border? Taco Bell is definitely not Mexican food. I can barely even consider it to be called food.
Looks like fun. In.
Yeah, I actually swapped out the fans between cases so that one had white blades and one had clear. Bizarre that you can only get the white bladed ones /with/ a case.
NZXT sells fans with a separate LED power input on them. I just used some in a couple Phantom cases.
Probably they didn't populate something on that board. I'd consider just making up a harness with LEDs on it that wires to a molex, sata or another power wire just for the LEDs rather than trying to wire to the board in the fan. Good thing with these fans is they have the LED holes already. I'm going to be doing the same for my Rinzler build.
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